Committee Chairs

Committee of Co-Chairs November 2023 Picture

About the Committee

**There is a new BC Committee Website. Please visit the new Committee Chairs page.


Charge of the Committee Co-Chairs

  1. Share information
  2. Coordinate activities and calendars
  3. Prevent duplication of work
  4. Integrate accreditation into committees and college activities
  5. Establish goals and review issues for the next year


The college wide committee co-chairs prepare brief reports showing how the committee goals help BC achieve the college goals. The committee chairs meet twice a year to share information, coordinate activities and calendars, prevent duplication of work, integrate accreditation into committees and college activities, and establish goals and review issues for the next year.


Committee Chair/s
Accreditation & Institutional Quality Committee (AIQ) Jessica Wojtysiak
Grace Commiso
Assessment Committee Mindy Wilmot
Rebecka Zepeda
Budget Committee Calvin Yu
Steven Holmes
College Council Steve Watkin
Curriculum Committee Jessica Wojtysiak
Michelle Hart
Scott Dameron 
Enrollment Management Committee Emmanuel Mourtzanos
Krista Moreland
Equal Opportunity & Diversity Advisory Council (EODAC)

Richard McCrow
Gilbert Ayuk
Vikki Coffee

Amanda Anguiano

Facilities Committee

Marcos Rodriguez

Pam Kelley

Information Services Instructional Technology (ISIT) Brett Redd
Bill Moseley
Professional Development Committee (PDC) Christie Howell
Bernadette Towns
Anita Karr
Program Review Committee (PRC) Kristin Rabe
Kimberly Nickell
Safety Advisory Committee

Joe Grubbs

Roy Allard

Chris Glaser



Committee History