Program Review Committee

Program Review Committee Membership 2015

About the Committee


  1. To review Annual Program Reviews and personnel requests ensuring that departments follow a data-informed needs assessment and have set measureable goals for improvement that align with College goals and budget criteria.
  2. Create a review and reporting mechanism for personnel requests and report to College Council and the President whether requests were data-informed and embedded in APRs.
  3. Analyze and adopt APR checklist to provide useable feedback to departments, the President and College Council.
  4. Compile Recommendations, Commendations, and Trends and report to College Council and President.



In support of the College's mission, the Program Review Committee (PRC) facilitates an annual, systematic self-assessment of institutional effectiveness for instructional, student services, administrative and operational areas.  PRC provides training, feedback, commendations, and recommendations related to the program review process.  The committee contributes to "Closing of the Loop" by disseminating resource allocation requests to responsible committees.  The committee reports to College Council annually at it's last meeing of the calendar year. 


Act as a resource to administrative, instructional & student services programs to develop their assessment plan and program review. Makes recommendations based on program reviews to President, College Council, and Curriculum Committee.

Other Information

This committee communicates with:






  • Diane Allen, Counseling/Delano
  • Anna Agenjo, Library
  • Jennifer Johnson, Faculty Chair & Directors Council (FCDC)
  • David Neville, Assessment Committee Liaison
  • Hal Mendoza, BMIT
  • Mark Osea, Counseling
  • Mark Staller, Communication,
  • Bernadette Towns, FACE
  • Andrea Tumblin, Mathematics


  • Sue Vaughn, Enrollment Services
  • Laura Lorigo, Administrative Services
  • Liz Rozell, STEM


  • Meg Stidham, CSEA designee


SGA Open


Michael Carley, Assoc. Director, Institutional Research & Reporting, KCCD

Program Reviews

Updated July 2016.

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Administration of Justice - ADT

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    Meeting Times

    Twice a Month, Tuesdays, 3:30-5 p.m.

    Last Meeting

    Program Review Committee Meeting - November 29th, 2016 Supporting Documents: