College Council

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About the Committee

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College Council is a collegial, consultative, and oversight body designed to serve the good of the College. The group facilitates timely, factual, and clear communication between constituents and the President. It provides recommendations to the President on college-wide matters. The Council oversees implementation of the Strategic Directions Plan and ensures institutional quality using ongoing and systematic planning and evaluation to refine key policies and processes, and to improve student learning.

The College Council Charge document was reviewed and approved in Fall 2017.

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Role, Purpose, & Scope

To address college-wide issues through a collaborative, integrative approach, promoting greater communication that is accessible to the college campus at large, and to facilitate timely and effective decision-making efforts.

This group serves as one of the President’s consultative councils.



Members are determined by either the position they hold or through a selection process established by the constituency group they represent. Term lengths will vary and in cases where a constituency group is comprised of multiple members, the selection process will allow for staggered terms. This will allow for consistent representation and mentoring of new members.





Executive Team



College President

Steve Watkin



Vice President Instruction

Billie Jo Rice



Vice President, Student Affairs

Imelda Simos-Valdez



Vice President Finance & Administrative Services

Calvin Yu






Administrator, Instruction

Andrea Thorson



Administrator, Student Affairs

Jennifer Achan



Administrator Accreditation & Institutional Quality (AIQ)

Jessica Wojtysiak



Management Association Representative

Dan Hall



Dean, Institutional Effectiveness

Sooyeon Kim






California College Association (CCA) Representative

Ann Tatum



Academic Senate President

Erica Menchaca



Accreditation & Institutional Quality (AIQ) Committee

Grace Commiso



Faculty Representative A

Lindsay Ono

(Ag, Allied Health, Applied Science & Tech, Business Education, Engineering & IT, FACE, Industrial Technology, Nursing)



Faculty Representative B

Claire Lahorgue

(Education, English, EMLS, Mathematics)



Faculty Representative C


(Art, Comm, Foreign Lang, Performing Arts, Philosophy, Social Science)



Faculty Representative D

Nick Strobel

(Behavioral Science, Biology, Public Safety TP, Kinesiology, Physical Science)



Faculty Representative E

Victor Diaz

(Counseling, Library/Academic Tech)



Faculty Representative, Department Chairs

Jason Stratton



Faculty Chairs & Directors Council (FCDC) Representative

Mindy Wilmot






Classified School Employees Association (CSEA) President

Christopher Glaser



Classified Representative, Instruction




Classified Representative, Student Affairs

Victor Crosthwaite



Classified Representative, Finance & Administrative Services

Scott Hallmark






Student Government Association (SGA) President

Cindy Ceja Miranda