Facilities & Sustainability Committee

About the Committee


To review and provide recommendations for new and improved facilities and infrastructures, to enhance current and future learning environments as well as a responsibility to maintain, sustain and renew our institution’s fiscal, human and environmental resources for all current and future students, community, faculty, and staff to the College Council and Academic Senate.

The Facilities & Sustainability Charge document was reviewed and approved on February 5, 2016.


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Scope of Authority

To review on-going and proposed projects that impacts the campus and its facilities. To cultivate a universal culture of responsibility in which the entire campus community is aware of, engaged in and committed to advancing environmental awareness and sustainable practices through education, research, operations and community service activities.


Tasks, Goals, & Objectives


  • Strategically plan, budget and implement for campus upgrades.
  • Work with the District Facilities Department for campus prioritized construction projects.
  • Identify and prioritize areas of improvement on campus.
  • Grant support – Facilities upgrade support for various grants.
  • Coordination of construction projects with Office of Instruction and Facilities & Events for minimal impact to staff, students and community.


  • Develop sustainability policies and procedures.
  • Develop a long-term plan for implementing sustainable practices.
  • Recommend new initiatives to promote sustainable practices to the College.
  • Communicate, educate, and promote sustainable efforts to campus community.
  • Improve recycling efforts campus-wide.
  • Determine ways the college can reduce its impact on the environment.
  • Provide an annual report to the campus community on sustainability progress (progress report card) with benefits and cost analysis.


Alignment With Accreditation

Standard III.B - Physical Resources


Reports To & Communicates With

College President, College Council, Academic Senate, Faculty Chairs, Staff and Students



The committee is chaired by the Vice President of Finance & Administration and Faculty Co-Chair (2-yr term).

  • Administration (4) includes the Facilities, Operations, and Maintenance Manager
  • Faculty (3)
  • Classified (4)
  • Student Government Association (2)




Role Name
Administrative Co-Chair William Potter
Faculty Co-Chair Pamela Kelley
Vice President, Finance & Administrative Services VACANT
Administrative Support Dalia Garcia
Administrative Rep
Maintenance, Operations, & Facilities Manager
Jim Coggins
Administrative Rep Terri Goldstein
Administrative Rep Stephen Waller
Administrative Rep Sandi Taylor
Administrative Rep VACANT


Role Name
Faculty Rep Chris Benker
Faculty Rep Chris McCraw
Faculty Rep Kathryn Kuby
Faculty Rep Vic Posey
Faculty Rep VACANT


Role Name
Classified Rep Abraham Castillo
Classified Rep Chris Glaser
Classified Rep Juan Torres
Classified Rep Kristin Rabe
Classified Rep Landon Webb


Role Name
Student Rep Lauren Arias
Student Rep VACANT

Meeting Times

1st Wednesday of the month, 1:00-2:00pm

Last Meeting

Facilities & Sustainability Committee Meeting - June 6th, 2018