Safety Advisory Committee

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About the Committee


The Safety Advisory Committee promotes the campus safety, security, and emergency preparedness to endeavor to create a safe and secure learning and working environment for the campus community. The committee reviews and makes recommendations on campus safety and security issues brought forth by students, staff, and faculty. The committee provides recommendations for safety policies and programs; and assists with the emergency procedures program.

The Safety Advisory Committee Charter document was reviewed and approved in Fall 2018.


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Scope of Authority

Hold regular meetings once a month. Maintain written records of all meetings, including meeting agendas and minutes, Post minutes and agendas on the Safety Committee website. Establish a system to obtain and review safety-related suggestions, reports of hazards or other information directly from all persons involved in the operations workplace that would help in creating a safe work environment. Make recommendations regarding correction of the hazards. Review and maintain the college red bag emergency response training and maintenance of the active list of emergency responders.


Reports To

The Academic Senate, Vice President of Finance & Administration and the College President


Communicates With

The college community




Role Name
Executive Director, Public Safety Shelly Castaneda


Role Name
Director, Student Life Nicky Damania
Director, Maintenance & Operations Ramon Puga
Manager, Human Resources Dena Rhoades
Coordinator, Risk Management & Safety Sheila Shearer
Program Director, Fire Technology Tommy Tunscon
Manager, Scheduling & Events Mary Jo Pasek
Manager, Food Services Fidel Cabuena
Manager, Child Development Center Rosita Barron
College Nurse Debbie Strong


Role Name
Faculty Representative Kimberly Chin (Performing Arts)
Faculty Representative VACANT
Faculty Representative Roy Allard (Engineering & Systems)
Faculty Representative Catherine Jones (Engineering & Systems)


Role Name
Classified Representative VACANT
Classified Representative VACANT


Role Name
Student Government Representative VACANT
Student Government Representative Danny Escobar


Report a Hazard or Unsafe Condition

To report any hazard or unsafe condition at any of our Bakersfield College locations, complete the Report a Hazard/Unsafe Condition form.


Request First Aid Supplies for Staff

To submit a request for first aid supplies for staff members at Bakersfield College, complete the Request for Staff First Aid Supplies form.

To submit a request for first aid supplies for student areas at Bakersfield College, please contact the Student Health Center at (661) 395-4336.


Meeting Times

2nd Wednesday of each month, 9-10 AM

Last Meeting

Safety Advisory Committee Meeting - May 13th, 2020