Equal Opportunity & Diversity Advisory Committee (EODAC)

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About the Committee


The primary purpose of the Equal Opportunity and Diversity Advisory Committee (EODAC) is to actively assist/facilitate Bakersfield College’s cultural and institutional policies and practices that demonstrate a commitment to greater diversity and inclusion for all students, employees, and the community at large. The EODAC is responsible for educating and orienting the college about the issues and concerns related to diversity and equity while helping to create an inclusive, engaging, and conscious college culture through:

  • Providing recommendations to Bakersfield College (BC) and the Kern Community College District (KCCD) for creating and/or amending policies and procedures that impacts, supports, and promotes the EODAC’s Committee charge
  • Creating, editing, and reviewing BC’s Diversity Statement and diversity policies, plans, and/or reports from KCCD
  • Reviewing collected data regarding equity in achievement for all student groups, while being conscious of traditionally underrepresented student groups in terms of access and barriers to resources and opportunities
  • Reviewing collected data regarding equity in staff, faculty, and administrator recruitment, retention, and promotion and recommending specific remedies to BC and KCCD
  • Collaborating with other committees, task forces, projects, and other entities and offices on campus and at the district to develop effective strategies to promote student retention, progression, completion and transfer
  • Promoting attitudinal and institutional changes regarding diversity, equity and inclusion by consistently employing multiple perspectives to lead to a better education and knowledge of the world for BC students
  • Providing workshops and trainings in diversity, career advancement, and leadership development to employees (both new and continuing and full and part-time employees) to close equity gaps in employee groups and to promote awareness, action, and change to college values that consistently align with BC and KCCD’s diversity commitments
  • Be an active voice for students and employees at both Bakersfield College and the Kern Community College District regarding diversity

In relationship to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), the EODAC will impact this process by:

  • Assisting the Equal Employment Opportunity Officer to achieve and maintain its hiring goal of having a diverse staff and faculty
  • Ensuring the systematic delivery of skill enhancing professional development trainings on diversity and inclusiveness through workshops designed to inform employee screening committee members about options to reduce biases and other issues dealing with diversity both at BC and KCCD as it relates to the hiring process
  • Assisting the Equal Employment Opportunity Officer (EEO) to provide inclusiveness in trainings to employee screening committees that promotes BC and KCCD’s values of having a diverse workforce
  • Helping edit job announcements for new positions at Bakersfield College to ensure Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) language that is inviting and inclusive

The Equal Opportunity and Diversity Advisory Committee Charge document was reviewed and approved on August 31, 2020.


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Scope of Authority

Overall, the EODAC will focus on creating, developing, revising, and putting into action effective practices, policies, procedures, requirements, and protocols for issues related to diversity at Bakersfield College.


Reports To

Academic Senate and the College President


Communicates With

A representative of the Equal Opportunity Diversity Advisory Committee (EODAC) will communicate with Administration, Faculty, and Classified employees as well as Students through governance bodies on campus and at the District Office which include but aren’t limited to Academic Senate, College Council, Faculty Chairs and Deans Council, Human Resources (Both on the Bakersfield Main Campus/Delano Campus and the District Office), the KCCD District Committees addressing issues of diversity such as Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee, and Bakersfield College’s Student Government Association (SGA).



Administrative Co-Chair
Faculty Co-Chair
Classified Co-Chair
2 Administrator Representatives
3 Classified Representatives
22 Academic Senate Representatives
1 Adjunct Faculty Representative
1 Student Government Association (SGA) Representative
1 District Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance Officer or Designee
2 Community Members (ad hoc)




Role Name
Administrative Co-Chair Abel Guzman
Faculty Co-Chair Tommy Tunson
Classified Co-Chair Victoria Coffee


Role Name
Administrative Representative Jennifer Achan
Administrative Representative Reggie Bolton


Role Name
Classified Representative Bryan Lainez
Classified Representative Venessa Reyes
Classified Representative Luz Maria Mendoza


Role Name
Adjunct Faculty Nicole Carrasco
Faculty Joseph Tipay
Faculty Paula Parks
Faculty Alison Ament
Faculty Gilbert Ayuk
Faculty Jeff Newby
Faculty Lillian Pimentel-Stratton
Faculty Murad Zikri
Faculty Victor Diaz


Role Name
Student Edith Mata


Role Name
District Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance Officer Dena Rhoades


Meeting Times

This committee meets on the First Monday of each month from 4-5:30 p.m.

Last Meeting

Equal Opportunity & Diversity Advisory Committee (EODAC) Meeting - May 3rd, 2021