Enrollment Management Committee

About the Committee


The Enrollment Management Committee (EMC) will improve student success and access by reviewing, monitoring, evaluating and communicating on all aspects of the enrollment life-cycle for Bakersfield College students. The EMC shall:

  • Incorporate a systematic, comprehensive, research-driven collaborative inquiry about on-going enrollment trends, activities, and initiatives.
  • Revise and provide recommendations for student access, recruitment, persistence, completion, and lifelong learning through diverse programs and services
  • Disseminate information and recommend best-practices to optimize student success and timely completion based on the college’s priorities and community needs.

The Enrollment Management Committee Charge document was approval in Spring 2019.


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Scope of Authority

To develop a process for establishing enrollment goals, to identify specific actions to be taken in order to attain those goals, and to monitor progress on reaching them with a focus on managing enrollment.


Scope of Authority

Works in consultation with the Academic Senate under the auspices of its 10+1 responsibilities.


Reports To

Academic Senate and College Council


Communicates With


Academic Senate, College Council, and the college community.




Non-Voting Members: Director of Outreach and School Relations, Enrollment Officer or designee.

Voting Members: Faculty Co-Chair, Administrative Co-Chair - Vice President of Instruction or designee, Career Education Faculty Member, Dean of Instruction, Dean of Counseling and Student Success, Director of Enrollment Services or designee, Student Representative, Classified Representative, Outreach and Early College Administrative Representative, Rural Initiatives Administrative Representative, College Institutional Researcher, Director of Institutional Effectiveness or designee, Rising Scholars Program Representative, BC Southwest Administrative Representative, one faculty representative from each Academic Department.   





Role Name
Vice President of Instruction or designee  Jessica Wojtysiak
Faculty Co-Chair  


Role Name  
CTE Education vacant  
Mathematics Department Representative Tom Greenwood  
Communication Department Representative Michael Korcok  
Biology Department Representative

Emily Wilson 






Role Name
Dean, Instruction Jessica Wojtysiak
Director, Enrollment Services Michelle Pena
Outreach and Early College Representative Kylie Campbell 
Rural Initiatives Representative Raquel Lopez
Institutional Researcher Dan Hall 
BC Southwest Administrative Representative Leo Ocampo


Role Name  
Classified Representative Sharon Bush   


Role Name
Student Representative Shehrazad Barraj

Non-Voting Members

Role Name
Director, Outreach & School Relations Steven Watkin


Committee History

Meeting Times

Two Thursdays of each month 1:00-2:00 pm

Last Meeting

Enrollment Management Committee Meeting - April 28th, 2022 Supporting Documents: