Accreditation & Institutional Quality Committee

Accreditation & Institutional Quality committee members

About the Committee

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Standing governance committee charged with the following:

  1. Ensure accreditation is an on-going process by guiding preparation of the self-evaluation, midterm, and follow-up reports.
  2. Review and monitor collection of evidence and progress on Actionable Improvement Plans, accreditation recommendations, and institutional effectiveness indicators.
  3. Inform, engage, and involve the college community in accreditation and institutional effectiveness.
  4. Review and monitor evaluation activities to ensure they result in integrated, meaningful, and sustained college improvement.

Reports To

  • College Council
  • Academic Senate

Communicates With

  • College Community


Title/Group Name
Administrative Chair Kate Pluta
Faculty Chair Mark Staller
Administration, Student Affairs Khaled Hussain
Administration, Budget & Facilities Anthony Culpepper
Administration, Instruction Liz Rozell
Administration, IT Todd Coston
Research Lead, KCCD Lisa Fitzgerald
Faculty, Assessment Co-Chair or Liaison David Neville
Faculty, Program Review Co-Chair or Liaison Kimberly Nickell
Faculty, Institutional Learning Outcomes Lead David Neville
Faculty, Scorecard/Data Coach Lead VACANT
Faculty, Library Sondra Keckley
Faculty, General Education VACANT
Faculty, Basic Skills Odella Johnson
Faculty, Student Services Grace Commiso
Faculty, At-Large Jennifer Jett
Classified Shannon Musser
Classified VACANT.
Classified VACANT
Classified VACANT
Student, SGA Manuel Zavala


Strategic Initiative Reports

Reports are due Thursday, April 21. Please submit your reports to

For items scored as "complete," please include evidence - either attach the files or submit the links to the evidence (if it is already on a website - for example, meeting minutes).

For items scored as "in progress," or "not yet begun," please include your Action Plan as a Word document.

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