Accreditation & Institutional Quality Committee

About the Committee


Standing governance committee charged with the following:

  • Ensure accreditation is an on-going process by guiding preparation of the self-evaluation, midterm, and follow-up reports.
  • Review and monitor collection of evidence and progress on Actionable Improvement Plans, accreditation recommendations, and institutional effectiveness indicators.
  • Inform, engage, and involve the college community in accreditation and institutional effectiveness.
  • Review and monitor evaluation activities to ensure they result in integrated, meaningful, and sustained college improvement.


The Accreditation & Institutional Quality Charge document was reviewed and approved on November 18, 2016.


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Scope of Authority

This committee provides leadership for the overall direction and support of college accreditation and institutional effectiveness.


Reports To

College Council, Academic Senate


Communicates With

The college community



Co-Chaired by VP, Academic Affairs (or designee)/and a Faculty Co-chair, who (will also serve on Academic Senate Exec Board). Both co-chairs are voting members of College Council.
4 Administrators: selected from Student Affairs, Budget & Facilities, Instruction, and IT.
Research Lead
4 Classified Representatives: appointed by CSEA. Terms are staggered 3-year terms, so they do not expire at the same time.

10 Faculty: appointed by the Academic Senate:
1. Assessment Co-Chair or liaison,
2. Program Review Co-chair or liaison,
3. Institutional Learning Outcomes lead,
4. Scorecard/data coach lead,
and five (5) from areas directly related to one or more of the accreditation standards (Library, CTE, General Education, Basic Skills, and Student Services); and one (1) at-large member.
Terms are staggered 3-year terms, so they do no expire at the same time.
2 students
Ad Hoc members as appropriate

*Note that some members may represent multiple areas.

For the 2018-19 academic year, annual appointments were reviewed and approved by the Academic Senate to fill vacancies on August 29, 2018. The charge has been revised by the AIQ committee and submitted to Academic Senate for approval.





Role Name
Administrative Co-Chair Craig Hayward
Faculty Co-Chair  


Role Name
Administrator Representative Maria Wright
Administrator Representative Todd Coston
Administrator Representative Dena Rhoades
Administrator Representative Jessica Wojtysiak


Role Name
Research Lead Craig Hayward


Role Name
Classified Rep  
Classified Rep Gamaliel Ocampo
Classified Rep Vacancy
Classified Rep Vacancy


Role Name
Assessment Co-Chair Brent Wilson
Program Review Liaison Kimberly Nickell
Institutional Learning Outcomes Lead Brent Wilson
Scorecard/Data Coach Lead Vacancy
Library Sondra Keckley
Career & Technical Education Vacancy
General Education Talita Pruett
Basic Skills Vacancy
Student Services Vacancy
Member-at-Large Jason Stratton
Ad hoc  Jamal Wright


Role Name
Student Government Association Representative Danielle Ackenheil
Student Government Association Representative Diego Reynoso 


Committee History

Meeting Times

This committee meets 2 Wednesdays per month. Time: 01:30 — 03:00 PM.

Last Meeting

Accreditation & Institutional Quality Committee Meeting - April 23rd, 2019 Supporting Documents: