Assessment Committee

Group picture of committee members.

About the Committee


1. a: Ensure clear, thorough, measurable and level-appropriate SLO’s, PLO’s, AUO’s are developed, mapped and assessed on a regular basis.
    b:  Assist in utilization of results of assessments for continuous improvement in student learning.
    c:  Provide faculty with tools needed to achieve competency in student learning assessment process.
2. Broadly communicate the results of all assessment and evaluation activities for shared understanding and for sustained, substantive, and collegial dialogue about our     strengths and weaknesses, setting appropriate priorities, student outcomes, and continuous improvement of student learning and achievement.


Coordinates all student learning outcomes assessment processes and reports to Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs and Student Services.


Coordinates all Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

In order to maintain administrative oversight of the entire range of campus assessment activities, an Assessment Team meets at least once per semester to set college-wide assessment goals, plan for the Community College Survey of Student Engagement and Noel-Levitz schedules, and assess needs of faculty and staff in regard to assessment training.

Philosophy Statement

For today's student, learning is more than simply acquiring knowledge. While learning certainly involves mastery of subject matter, it also requires the application of that knowledge, the discovery and utilization of resources, and the solving of problems. Such learning may occur anywhere in the college environment and is not restricted to interactions between students and instructors in a classroom. Instead, the entire campus works together to support student growth and development for life long learning.

Effective student learning, in fact, becomes essential to the social and economic development of multicultural California. Consequently, policy directions for Bakersfield College are based on providing, monitoring and improving student learning through appropriate assessment measures. Outcomes assessment is the process that not only monitors what and how well students learn, but it also measures the effectiveness of the institution in providing effective learning opportunities. These opportunities must include the dissemination and understanding of learning objectives and student support strategies as well as the consistent application of high academic standards.


Overall, such an on-going student outcomes assessment process works to improve institutional effectiveness. This process uses multiple measures of valid, reliable, and relevant assessment procedures, both quantitative and qualitative, to monitor and improve courses, services, and programs. The data collected over time will provide information for curriculum reform, broad-based planning, resource allocation, organizational leadership, institutional governance, and staff and student development. This information is used to improve instruction, student, and community services, and to certify academic excellence for the college clientele and constituencies.

In addition to meeting state and accreditation requirements, this ongoing assessment process will provide the campus the following opportunities:

  • campus-wide collegiality
  • recruitment and outreach strategies
  • links to community learning and economic development
  • on-going staff development projects
  • learning communities and interdisciplinary collaboration

Individual personnel evaluation is addressed in the Kern Community College Board Policy and Procedures Manual and CCA Contract and is separate from this student outcomes assessment process.

Other Information

The Assessment Committee communicates with SDCC, Exec. VP Academic Affairs, Academic Senate




Department Name Email
Allied Health (Nursing) Di Hoffman
Dean of Instruction Bill Moseley


Department Name Email
Academic Development Teresa McAllister
Adjunct Representative Isaac Vannasone
Agriculture VACANCY (Chair - Gregg Cluff)
Allied Health Heather Shaffstall
Art Darrin Ekern
Behavioral Sciences/Criminal Justice Eleonora Hicks
Biological Sciences VACANCY (Chair-Joe Saldivar)
Business Management & Information Technology (Accounting) Gayle Richardson
Communication Helen Acosta
EMLS Marcelyn Allen
Engineering & Industrial Technology (Automotive Technology) Justin Flint
English Savanna Andrasian
Family & Consumer Education VACANCY (Chair-Jo'l jackson)
Fire Technology Tim Capehart-Admin
Foreign Language/ASL (ASL) Pam Davis
Foreign Language Janice Green
Health & PE Reggie Bolton
Library Faith Bradham
Mathematics Nigie Shi
Nursing Ronnie Knabe
Performing Arts Brian Sivesind
Philosophy Tanya Silva
Physical Science Ximena Da Silva Tavares
Public Safety Jana Richardson
Social Sciences John Kelleher
Student Services Faculty/Articulation Officer Marisa Marquez
Member-at-Large Brent Wilson (PHSC)
Member-at-Large Erica Menchaca (ACDV)
Member-at-Large Sandy Davis (NURS)
Administrative Representative Stephen Waller
Administrative Representative Maria Wright
Institutional Effectiveness Rep Craig Hayward
Student Government Association Jose Cortez
Student Government Association Chris Cruz
Educational Media Design Specialist Pam Rivers
Assessment Tech Edie Nelson


Mappings and Assessments

Academic Development

Course Assessment Documents
ACDV B5: Tutor Training and Practicum Level 1 Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)
ACDV B5A: Tutor Training and Practicum Level 2 Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)
ACDV B50: Advanced Reading and Critical Thinking Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ACDV B55: First Year Student Success Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ACDV B61: Accelerated Reading Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ACDV B62: College Textbook Reading Skills Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ACDV B65: Developing College Writing Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ACDV B66: Student Success (Not currently offered) Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ACDV B70A-F: Study Skls: Time Mangmt, Note Taking, Textbook Reading, Test Taking, Memory, Vocab

Mapping (PDF)

Worksheets (Excel)
ACDV B72: Basic Arithmetic & Pre-Algebra Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ACDV B77: Developing College Math Skills Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ACDV B80: Foundations of College Comp & Reading Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ACDV B190: Assistive Technology for Students with Disabilities Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ACDV B195: Word Processing fro Students with Disabilities  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ACDV B201A: Communication Skills: Reading Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ACDV B201B: Communication Skills: Writing Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ACDV B201C: Developing Basic Math Skills Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ACDV B280: Supervised Tutoring Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ACDV B281A: Supervised Tutoring-Computer: Reading Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ACDV B281B: Supervised Tutoring-Computer: Writing Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ACDV B281C: Supervised Tutoring-Computer: Mathematics Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)

Administration of Justice/Correctional Administration/Criminal Justice

  • Administration of Justice AA 
  • Correctional Administration AA
  • Criminal Justice AA 
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
ADMJ B40: Law and Democracy Mapping Worksheet (Excel)
ADMJ B72:Peace Officer's Basic Academy    
CRIM B1: Introduction to Criminal Justice Mapping  Worksheet (Excel)
CRIM B2: Criminal Law    Worksheet (Excel)
CRIM B3: Introduction to Evidence    Worksheet (Excel)
CRIM B4: Constitutional Criminal Procedure Mapping  Worksheet (Excel)
CRIM B5: Constitutional Criminal Procedure Mapping  Worksheet (Excel)
CRIM B7: Criminal Profiling of Violent Offenders Mapping  
CRIM B8: Criminal Investigation Mapping  Worksheet (Excel)
CRIM B9: Juvenile Justice System Mapping  Worksheet (Excel)
CRIM B10: Organized Crime Mapping  Worksheet (Excel)
CRIM B12: Forensic and Scientific Aspects of Evidence Mapping  Worksheet (Excel)
CRIM B21: Introduction to Correctional Administration Mapping  Worksheet (Excel)
CRIM B22: Institutional Treatment & Supervieion of Offenders Mapping  
CRIM B23: Fundamentals of Interviewing and Counseling Mapping  Worksheet (Excel)
CRIM B24: Probation, Parole, and Community Corrections Mapping  Worksheet (Excel)
CRIM B50: Criminal Justice Report Writing    Worksheet (Excel)
CRIM B60: Legal Aspects of Corrections Mapping  Worksheet (Excel)


  • Agriculture Business Management AST 
  • Agriculture Business AA 
  • Agriculture Business AS 
  • Agriculture Business CA
  • Animal Science AA 
  • Animal Science AS 
  • Animal Science CA
  • Environmental Horticulture AA 
  • Environmental Horticulture AS 
  • Environmental Horticulture CA
  • Forestry AA 
  • Forestry AS 
  • Forestry CA
  • Plant Science AST 
  • Plant Science - Crops AA 
  • Plant Science - Crops AS 
  • Plant Science - Horticulture AA 
  • Plant Science - Horticulture AS 
  • Plant Science CA
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
AGRI B1: Agriculture, Environment, and Society


Worksheet (Excel)

AGRI B49: Agriculture Leadership Training 


Worksheet (Excel)

AGBS B2: Agricultural Economics    Worksheet (Excel)
AGBS B3 Intro Agriculture Business    
AGBS B5 Agriculture Computer Applications    
AGBS B6 Agriculture Sales and Communications    
AGBS B48WE Occupational Work Experience Educ    
ANSC B1: Introduction to Animal Science Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ANSC B2 Beef Production    

ANSC B3: Sheep Production


ANSC B4: Diary Production


ANSC B5: Swine Production

ANSC B6: Applied Animal Nutrition   Worksheet (Excel)

ANSC B7 Animal Diseases


ANSC B10 Horse Production


ANSC B11: Livestock Selection and Evaluation

  Worksheet (Excel)
ANSC B22 Animals and Society    

ANSC B48WE Occupational Work Experience Educ

Mapping (PDF)  

ANSC B83 Intro to Veterinary Tech



ANSC B84 Small Animal Disease

Mapping (PDF)


ANSC B85 Large Animal Disease

Mapping (PDF)


ANSC B86 Pharmacology for Vet Tech

ANSC B88 Surg Dental and Anesthesiology for Vet Tech    

ANSC B90 Emer Med, Surg/Nurs Vet Tech

ANSC B92 Clinical Pathology for Vet Tech    
ANSC B94 Caged Birds, Lab and Exotic Animal Med    
ANSC B96 Radiology, Ultra and Diagnos Imagin for Vet Tech Mapping (PDF)  
CRPS B1: Principles of Crop Production Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
CRPS B2: Forage Crops Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
CRPS B3: Integrated Pest Management Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
CRPS B4: Vegetable Production Mapping (PDF)  

CRPS B5 Plant Science

  Worksheet (Excel)
CRPS B10: Plant Biology Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)

CRPS B48WE Occupational Work Experience Educ

Mapping (PDF)  
FORE B1: Introduction to Forestry  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
FORE B2: Natural Resources  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
FORE B3: Wildlife Management    Worksheets (Excel)

FORE B4: Wildlife Law Enforcement



FORE B5: Identification of California Wildlife



FORE B6: Forestry Skills


 Worksheets (Excel)

FORE B7: Wildland Fire Management

FORE B48WE: Occupational Work Experience Educ    

MCAG B2: Intro to Mechanized Agriculture


MCAG B3: Small Gas Engines


MCAG B4 Agricultury Safety


MCAG B5: Agriculture Irrigation Technology


​MCAG B10: Farm Power Operation


MCAG B11: Farm Power Repair


MCAG B48WE: Occupational Work Experience Educ

NRES B1: Range Management  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)

NRES B2 Parks and Outdoor Recreation

Mapping (PDF)  
ORNH B1: Introduction to Ornamental Horticulture  Mapping (PDF)  
ORNH B2: Fundamentals of Nursery Management and Plant Production  Mapping (PDF)  
ORNH B3: Landscape Installation and Maintenance Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
ORNH B4: Plant Propagation Mapping (PDF)  
ORNH B6: Ornamental Plant Identification – Ground Covers, Vines and Dwarf Shrubs  Mapping (PDF)  
ORNH B7: Ornamental Plant Ident – Lrge Shrubs, Small Trees, Large Trees and Palms  Mapping   Worksheet (Excel)
ORNH B8: Introduction to Landscape Design  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
ORNH B36: Beginning Floral Design  Mapping (PDF)  

ORNH B48WE: Occupational Work Experience Educ

Mapping (PDF)  
SOIL B1: Introduction to Soil Science  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)

American Sign Language

  • American Sign Language AA  
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
ASL B1: American Sign Language 1 Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ASL B2: American Sign Language 2 Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ASL B3: American Sign Language 3 Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ASL B4: American Sign Language 4 Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ASL B6: American Deaf Culture Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ASL B7: Literature and Performance Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)


  • Anthropology AAT  
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
ANTH B1: Physical Anthropology Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ANTH B2: Cultural Anthropology Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ANTH B3: Introduction to Archaeology Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ANTH B5: North American Indians Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)


  • Apprenticeship AA  
  • Apprenticeship CA
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
APPR B55-1: Carpentry P.E.T.S    
APPR B55-2: Carpentry P.E.T.S    
APPR B55-3: Carpentry P.E.T.S    
APPR B55-4: Carpentry P.E.T.S    
APPR B55-5: Carpentry P.E.T.S    
APPR B55-6: Carpentry P.E.T.S    
APPR B55-7: Carpentry P.E.T.S    
APPR B55-8: Carpentry P.E.T.S    
APPR B60-1: Inside Wireman    
APPR B60-2: Inside Wireman    
APPR B60-3: Inside Wireman    
APPR B60-4: Inside Wireman    
APPR B60-5: Inside Wireman    
APPR B60-6: Inside Wireman    
APPR B60-7: Inside Wireman    
APPR B60-8: Inside Wireman    
APPR B60-9: Inside Wireman    
APPR B60-10: Inside Wireman    
Appr B60FA First Aid and CPR    
APPR B60W1: Welding    
APPR B60W2: Welding    
APPR B65-1: Plumbers/Steamfitters: A1-A4    
APPR B65-2: Plumbers/Steamfitters: B1-B3    
APPR B65-3: Plumbers/Steamfitters: C1-C4    
APPR B65-4: Plumbers/Steamfitters: D1-D4    
APPR B65-5: Plumbers/Steamfitters: E1-E3    
APPR B65-OW: Orbital Welding    
APPR B65-XF: First Aid and CPR    
APPR B67-1: Sheet Metal    
APPR B67-2: Sheet Metal    
APPR B67-3: Sheet Metal    
APPR B67-4: Sheet Metal    
APPR B67-5: Sheet Metal    
APPR B67-6: Sheet Metal    
APPR B67-7: Sheet Metal    
APPR B67-8: Sheet Metal    
APPR B67-9: Sheet Metal    
APPR B67-10: Sheet Metal    
APPR B249C: CWE/Carpenters    
APPR B249E: CWE/Electricians    
APPR B249P: CWE/Plumbing, Pipefitting    
APPR B249S: CWE/Sheet Metal    


  • Architecture AS  
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
ARCH B1: Introduction to Architecture and Environmental Design Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ARCH B6: Materials of Construction Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ARCH B11: Design and Perspective Drawing Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ARCH B12: Design Drawing and Color Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ARCH B16: Design Tools for Graphics Communication Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ARCH B21: Architectural Design Fundamentals I Mapping (PDF)  
ARCH B22: Architectural Design Fundamentals II Mapping (PDF)  
ARCH B30: Residential Building Information Modeling Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ARCH B33: Architectural Computer Practice Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ARCH B48WE: Occupational Work Experience Education    
ARCH B55: Residential Building Codes Mapping (PDF)  
ARCH B56: Commercial Codes Mapping (PDF)  


  • Studio Arts AAT 
  • Graphic Design CA
  • Media Art CA
  • Photography CA
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
ART B1: Art Appreciation Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ART B2: Drawing I Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ART B3: Drawing II Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ART B4: 2D Design Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ART B5: Three Dimensional Design Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ART B6: Acrylic Painting I Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ART B7: Acrylic Painting II Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ART B8: Figure Drawing I Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ART B9: Figure Drawing II Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ART B10: Ceramics I Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ART B11: Ceramics II Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ART B12: Ceramics III Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ART B13: Sculpture I Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ART B14: Sculpture II Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ART B16: Digital Photography Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ART B17: Black and White Photography Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ART B20: Digital Art I Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ART B24: Digital Art II Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ART B25: Typography Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ART B26 Multimedia Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ART B29: Special Studies Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ART B35: Survey of Western Art I Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ART B36: Survey of Western Art II Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ART B37: Survey of Art of Latin America Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ART B40: Digital Illustration Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ART B41: Advertising Design Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ART B42: Graphic Design Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ART B43: Video Production Mapping (PDF)  
ART B44: Motion Graphics Mapping (PDF)  
ART B45: Animation Mapping (PDF)  
ART B46: Advanced Photography I Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ART B47: Advanced Photography II Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ART B48: Advanced Photography III Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)


Course Assessment Documents
ASTR B1: Physics of the Cosmos Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)
ASTR B2: Life in the Universe Mapping (PDF)  
ASTR B3: Solar System Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)

Automotive Technology

  • Automotive Technology AS  
  • Automotive Brakes and Wheel Alignment CA
  • Automotive Engine Overhaul CA
  • Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning CA
  • Automotive Management CA
  • Automotive Transmissions CA
  • Automotive Tune-up & Emission Systens CA
  • Automotive Power Trains CA
  • Engine Overhaul Repair CA
  • Light Duty Diesel Performance CA
  • Manual Drive Train and Axle Ca
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
AUTO B1AB: Introduction to Automotive Technology Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)
AUTO B2A: Engine Repair and Machining Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)
AUTO B2B: Advanced Engine Repair and Machining Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)
AUTO B3: Fundamentals of Automotive Management and Services Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)
AUTO B10: Automotive Safety Mapping (PDF)  
AUTO B11:Introduction to Automotive Technology  Mapping (PDF)  
AUTO B14: Auto Tune-Up: Electrical/Ignition/Accessories Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
AUTO B15: Auto Tune-Up: Fuel Systems and Emission Controls Mapping (PDF)  
AUTO B20 Engine Theory, Design and Diagnosis Mapping (PDF)  
AUTO B21 Upper Engine Systems and Machining Mapping (PDF)  
AUTO B22 Lower Engine Systems and Machining Mapping (PDF)  
AUTO B23 Engine Assembly and Performance Mapping (PDF)  
AUTO B30 Electrical and Electronic Systems Mapping (PDF)  
AUTO B31 Advanced Electrical and Electronic Systems Mapping (PDF)  
AUTO B33 Engine Performance Mapping (PDF)  
AUTO B34 Advanced Engine Performance Mapping (PDF)  
AUTO B36 Light Duty Diesel Performance Mapping (PDF)  
AUTO B39 Level 1 and Level 2 Smog Inspector Training Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
AUTO B40 Suspension, Steering and Wheel Alignment Mapping (PDF)  
AUTO B43 Brake Systems Mapping (PDF)  
AUTO B46 Automatic Transmissions Mapping (PDF)  
AUTO B48 Manual Transmissions and Drivetrain Mapping (PDF)  
AUTO B48WE Occupational Work Experience Education Mapping (PDF)  
AUTO B49 Automotive Air Conditioning Mapping (PDF)  
AUTO B59: Automotive Air Conditioning Mapping (PDF)  
AUTO B61: Basic and Enhanced Area Clean Air Car Course Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)
AUTO B75A: Introduction to Engine Overhaul Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)
AUTO B75B: Engine Repair Techniques Mapping (PDF)  
AUTO B75C: Advanced Engine Overhaul Mapping (PDF)  
AUTO B75D: Advanced Engine Machining Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)
AUTO B106: Auto Brakes/Suspension/Alignment Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)
AUTO B112: Auto Transmissions/Gear Boxes Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)


  • Biology AST  
  • General Biology AS 
  • Human Biology AS 
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
BIOL B3A: General Biology I Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
BIOL B3B: General Biology II Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)
BIOL B11: Concepts of Biology Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
BIOL B16: General Microbiology Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
BIOL B18: Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
BIOL B21: Special Projects in Biology Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
BIOL B32: Human Anatomy and Physiology I  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
BIOL B33: Human Anatomy and Physiology II Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)

Business Administration

  • Business Administration AST  
  • Administrative Office Assistant AA 
  • Bookkeeping CA 
  • Office Assistant CA
  • Retail Management CA 
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
BSAD B1: Financial Accounting Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
BSAD B2: Managerial Accounting Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
BSAD B5: Human Relations/People Skills Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
BSAD B9: Fundamentals of Marketing Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
BSAD B18: Business Law Mapping (PDF)  
BSAD B19: Business Law: Business Entities and Estates Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
BSAD B20: Introduction to Business Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
BSAD B40: Personal Finance Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
BSAD B43: Principles of Management Mapping (PDF)  
BSAD B48WE: Occupational Work Experience Educational Mapping (PDF)  
BSAD B51: Business Mathematics Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
BSAD B53A: Introduction to Accounting 1 Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
BSAD B53B: Introduction to Accounting 2 Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
BSAD B54: Payroll Accounting Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
BSAD B55: Computer Accounting Applications Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
BSAD B61: Human Resources Management Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
BSAD B65: Principles of Organizational Communication Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
BSAD B85: Business English Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
BSAD B88: Office Procedures Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
BSAD B90: Fundamentals of Retailing Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
BSAD B91: E-Commerce Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
BSAD B252A: Computer Keyboarding, Part 1 Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
BSAD B252B: Computer Keyboarding, Part 2 Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
BSAD B252C: Computer Keyboarding, Part 3 Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
BSAD B253A: Document Processing, Part 1 Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
BSAD B253B: Document Processing, Part 2 Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
BSAD B253C: Document Processing, Part 3 Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
BSAD B264: Ten-Key Proficiency Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
BSAD B280: Machine Transcription Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
BSAD B285: Business English Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
BSAD B287: Filing Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)


  • Chemistry AST 
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
CHEM B1A: General Chemistry I Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)
CHEM B1B: General Chemistry and Chemical Analysis Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)
CHEM B2A: Introductory General Chemistry Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)
CHEM B11: Introduction to General, Organic and Biological Chemistry Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)
CHEM B18: Elementary Organic Chemistry    
CHEM B30A: Organic Chemistry for Science Majors I Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)
CHEM B30B: Organic Chemistry for Science Majors II Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)

Child Development

  • Early Childhood Education AST 
  • Elementary Teacher Education AAT 
  • Child Development Teacher CA
  • Child Development Master Teacher-Infant Toddler CA
  • Child Development Master Teacher-Special Education CA
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
CHDV B13C: Child Grth and Develop: Infant & Toddler Yrs.   Worksheet (Excel)
 CHDV B20: Principles and Practices Mapping (PDF)  
CHDV B21: Child Growth and Develop: Birth Through Adolescence Mapping (PDF)  
CHDV B22: Observation and Assess-Birth Through Adolescence Mapping (PDF)  
CHDV B32: Teaching in a Diverse Society Mapping (PDF)  
CHDV B33: Survey of Special Education Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
CHDV B36: Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
CHDV B40: Creat Art, Mvmnt, & Music Act for Young Children Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
CHDV B41: Supervised Field Experience in Early Childhood Education Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
CHDV B42: Child, Family and Community Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
 CHDV B45A: Admin of Prgms for Young Child: Bus Procedures Mapping (PDF)  
CHDV B45B: Admin of Prgms for Young Child: Prsnl Manage Procedures Mapping (PDF)  
 CHDV B49: Child Health, Safety, and Nutrition Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
CHDV B52: Care of Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities Mapping (PDF)  
CHDV B53A: Early Childhood Educ Adult Supervision Mapping (PDF)  
EDUC B24: Early Field Experience for Elem Teachers Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)


  • Communication Studies AAT 
  • Communication CA
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
COMM B1: Public Speaking Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
COMM B2: Interpersonal Communication Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
COMM B4: Persuasive Communication Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
COMM B5: Argumentation and Rhetoric Mapping (PDF)  
COMM B6: Intercultural Communication Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
COMM B7: Organizational Communication Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
COMM B8: Small Group Communication Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
COMM B9: Health Communication Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
COMM B10: Leadership Communication Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
COMM B21: Oral Interpretation Mapping (PDF)  

Computer Science

  • Computer Science AST 
Course Assessment Documents
COMP B2: Introduction to Computer Information Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
COMP B3: Computer Concepts and Survival Skills Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
COMP B5: Introduction to Microsoft Office Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
COMP B10: Introduction to Programming Methodologies using Python Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
COMP B11: Programming Concepts and Methodology I Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
COMP B12: Programming Concepts and Methodology II Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
COMP B13: Computer Architecture and Organization Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
COMP B14: Discrete Structures Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
COMP B21: Database Systems--Design and Structured Query Language (SQL) Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
COMP B31: CompTIA Network Security--Security+ Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
COMP B32: CompTIA Linux+ Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
COMP B33: CompTIA Networking Technologies--Network+ Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
COMP B41: Web Design: Design Tools Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
COMP B42: Web Design: HTML & CSS Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
COMP B43: Web Design: JavaScript Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
COMP B48WE: Occupational Work Experience Educational Mapping (PDF)  
COMP B72: Applied Software Design Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
COMP B84: CompTIA A+ Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
COMP B94: Web Design: PHP & MySQL Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)

Construction Technology

  • Construction Tech AS  
  • Construction Tech CA
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
CNST B1: Introduction to Construction Mapping (PDF)  
CNST B2: Estimating and Scheduling Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
CNST B50A: Residential Construction Mapping (PDF)  
CNST B50B: Residential Construction    

Correctional Facility Training

Course Assessment Documents

ADMJ B60: Arrest and control Tech P.C. 832

Mapping (PDF)  

ADMJ B61: Firearms Training P.C. 832

Mapping (PDF)  

ADMJ B63: Power to Arrest (Security Guard Course)

Mapping (PDF)  
ADMJ B81: Special Topics/Security Guards    
CADM B54: Corrections Officer Core Course Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B55: Deputy Probation Officer Core Course Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B56: Criminal Justice Training-Special Topics Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B57: Juvenile Institutions Officer Core Course Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B58: Supervisor Core Course Mapping (PDF)  

CADM B70A; Prisoner Transportation

Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B70B: Prison Gangs Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B70C: Escape Prevention Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B70D: Suicide Prevention Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B70E: Handling Aggressive & Assualtive Inmates Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B70F: Sexual Harassment Prevention Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B70G: Understanding Prejudice Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B70H: Crime Scene Preservation & Investigation Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B70I: Anger Management Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B70J: Informant Development & Management Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B70K: Anatomy of a Set-up: Games Inmates Play Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B70L: Use of Force and Civil Liabilities Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B70M: Drug Recognition & Under the Influence Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B70N: Fire and Life Safety Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B70O: Positive Inmte Staff Relat Through Comm & Ethics Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B70P: Emergency Procedures Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B70R: Inmate work Incentive Program Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B70S: Women in Corrections Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B70T: Blood Borne Path, T.B. Awareness, Psych Inmates Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B70U: Conflict Resolution & Hostage Survival Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B70V: Facility and Inmate Searches Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B70W: Restraint Gear Application Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B70X: Cell Extraction    
CADM B70Z: Inmate Classification/Disciplinary Process Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B71A: Basic Principles in Management Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B71F: Drug & Alcohol Awareness for Supervisors Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B71G: Advanced Report Writing Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B71H: Transportation and Escape Procedures Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B71I: Violence in the Workplace Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B71K: Rights of Prisoners Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B71L: Progressive Discipline Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B71M: Stress in the Corrections Environment Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B71N: Positive Thinking in Corrections Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B71O: Assertiveness Training for Corrections Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B71P: Employee Post Trauma    
CADM B71Q: Liability Issues and Courtroom Demeanor Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B71R: Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B72: Chemical Agents Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B73: Basic Baton    
CADM B74: Basic Baton Course Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B75: Surviving Sharp Edged Weapons Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B76: Basic Firearms Familiarization Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B77: Intermediate Firearms Course Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B78: Less Lethal/Specialty Impact Weapons Mapping (PDF)  
CADM B79: Federal Prison Emergency Response Training Mapping (PDF)  

Earth Science

Course Assessment Documents
ERSC B10: Introduction to Earth Science Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ERSC B10L: Earth Science Lab Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)


  • Economics AAT  
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
ECON B1: Principles of Economics - Micro Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)
ECON B2: Principles of Economics - Macro Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)

Electronics Technology

  • Eletronics Technology AS  
  • Eletronics Technology CA
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
ELET B1: Basic Electronics (DC and AC) Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ELET B4: Computer Integrated Manufacturing Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)
ELET B5: Programmable Logic Controllers Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ELET B6: Analog and Digital Electronics Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)
ELET B48WE: Occupational Work Experience Educ    
ELET B55A: Electric Motors - Controls Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)
ELET B56: Instrumentation/Process Control Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)
ELET B58: Advanced Programmable Logic Controllers Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ELET B61: Telecommunications Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ELET B62: Radio Communications Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ELET B63: Electronic Systems Installation Mapping (PDF)  
ELET B70: Mechanical Systems Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)

Emergency Medical Technician/Paramedic

  • Paramedic AS  
  • Paramedic Program CA
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
EMTC B10: Paramedic 1 Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
EMTC B11: Paramedic Skills Lab Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ETMC B12: Paramedic 2 Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
EMTC B13: Paramedic 3 Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
EMTC B14: Paramedic Skills Lab 2 Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
EMTC B15: Paramedic 4 Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
EMTC B16: Paramedic Clinical Lab Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
EMTC B17: Paramedic Field Internship Mapping (PDF)  
EMTC B50: Emergency Medical Technician I Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
EMTC B50R: Emergency Medical Technician I Recertification Preparation Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
EMTC B51: Emergency Medical Responder Mapping (PDF)  


  • Engineering AS  
  • Engineering Technology AS 
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
ENGR B17: Introduction to Electric Circuits Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ENGR B17L: Electric Circuit Laboratory Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ENGR B19C: Introduction to Programming Concepts and Methodologies for Engineers Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ENGR B24: Engineering Graphics and Descriptive Geometry Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)
ENGR B36: Engineering Mechanics - Statistics Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ENGR B37: Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ENGR B40: Surveying Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ENGR B45: Properties of Materials Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ENGR B47: Introduction to Engineering Mapping (PDF) Worksheert (Excel)


Course Assessment Documents
ENGL B1A: Expository English Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)
ENGL B1B: Introduction to Types of Literature Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ENGL B2: Advanced Composition Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ENGL B3: Argumentative Writing and Critical Thinking Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ENGL B5A: Survey of English Literature Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ENGL B5B: Survey of English Literature Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ENGL B10: Introduction to Shakespeare Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ENGL B20A: Survey of World Literature Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ENGL B21: African-American Literature Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ENGL B23: Women's Literature   Worksheet (Excel)
ENGL B24: Latino/a Literature Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ENGL B25B: Survey of World Literature Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ENGL B27:  The Bible as Literature Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ENGL B28: Classical Mythology Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ENGL B30A: Survey of American Literature Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ENGL B30B: Survey of American Literature Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ENGL B33: Children's Literature Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ENGL B41: Introduction to Creative Writing Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ENGL B50: Introduction to College Composition Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ENGL B53: Reading, Reasoning, and Writing Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
ENGL B60: Basic Writing Skills Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)

English for Multilingual Students

Course Assessment Documents
EMLS B50: Introduction to College Composition Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)
EMLS B51: Advanced Reading Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)
EMLS B52: Advanced Communication Skills Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)
EMLS B60: Basic Writing Skills Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)
EMLS B61: Intermediate Reading Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)
EMLS B62: Intermediate Communication Skills Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)
EMLS B70: Grammar and Composition Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)
EMLS B71: Basic Reading Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)
EMLS B72: Basic Communication Skills Mapping (PDF) Worksheets (Excel)

Fire Technology

  • Fire Technology AA 
  • Wildland Fire AS 
  • Fire Technology CA
  • Chief Officer Certification CA
  • Fire Officer Certification CA
  • FireFighter Academy CA 
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
FIRE B1: Fire Protection Organization Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
FIRE B2: Principles of Fire and Emergency Safety and Survival Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B3: Fire Command, Strategy and Tactics Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
FIRE B4: Fire Behavior and Combustion Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
FIRE B5: Fire Prevention Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
FIRE B6: Fire Protection Equipment and Systems Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
FIRE B7: Building Construction for Fire Prevention Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
FIRE B25A: Wildland Fire Behavior Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
FIRE B25B: Wildland Firefighter Safety and Survival Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
FIRE B25C: Wildland Fire Operations Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
FIRE B25D: Wildland Public Information Officer, Prevention, and Investigation Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
FIRE B25E: Wildland Fire Logistics, Finance, and Planning Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
FIRE B26A: S-200 Initial Attack Incident Commander (ICT 4) Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
FIRE B26D: Interagency Incident Business Management  Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B26E: S-215 Fire Operations in the Wildland/Urban Interface Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B26G: S-230 Crew Boss Single Resource Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B26K: S-244 Field Observer Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B26M: Display Processor  Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B27B: 1-300 Incident Command System  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
FIRE B28B: L-280 Followership to Leadership  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
FIRE B29: S-212 Wildland Fire Chain Saws Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B30: RT 130 Wildland Skill Refresher Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
FIRE B50A: Fire Command 2A-Command Tactics at Major Fires Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
FIRE B50B: Fire Command 2B-Scene Management at Major Incidents Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B50C: Fire Command 2C-High Rise Fire Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B50D: Fire Command 2D-Management of Large Scale Disasters Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B50E: Fire Command 2E-Wildland Tactics Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
FIRE B50F: Fire Management 2A-Organizational Development and Human Relations Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
FIRE B50G: Fire Management 2B-Fire Service Financial Management Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
FIRE B50H: Fire Management 2C-Personnel and Labor Relations Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
FIRE B50I: Fire Management 2D-Strategic Planning Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B50J: Fire Management 2E-Ethics and the Challenge of Leadership Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
FIRE B51A: Fire Management 1A Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
FIRE B51B: Fire Command 1A Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
FIRE B51C: Fire Command 1B Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B51D: Fire Prevention 1A Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
FIRE B51E: Fire Prevention 1B Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B51F: Fire Investigation 1A Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B51G: Training Instructor 1A Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B51H: Training Instructor 1B Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
FIRE B51K: Fire Command 1C Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
FIRE B51L: Fire Apparatus Driver Operator 1A Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B51M: Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator 1-B Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B52A: Company Officer 2A Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B52B: Company Officer 2B Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B52C: Company Officer 2C Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B52D: Company Officer 2D Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B52E: Company Officer 2E Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B52F: Chief Fire Officer 3A Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B52G: Chief Fire Officer 3B Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B52H: Chief Fire Officer 3C Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B52I; Chief Fire Officer 3D    
FIRE B52J; Executive Chief Fire Offcer 4A    
FIRE B52K; Executive Chief Fire Offcer 4B    
FIRE B52L; Executive Chief Fire Offcr 4C    
FIRE B52M; Executive Chief Fire Offcer 4D    
FIRE B52N; Executive Chief Fire Offcer 4E    
FIRE B52O; Instructor 1-Inst. Methodology    
FIRE B60: Driver/Operator Certification Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B62: Fire Fighter I Academy Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
FIRE B63: Fire Fighter II Academy Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
FIRE B64: State Fire Fighter I Academy  Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B66: Fire Fighting and Emergency Medical Skills Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
FIRE B70A: Hazardous Materials for First Responders Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B70B: First Responder Operational-Decontamination Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B70C: Hazardous Materials Incident Commander/Scene Manager Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B70D: Hazardous Materials Tech/Spec 1A: Basic Chemistry Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B70E: Hazardous Materials Tech/Spec 1B: Applied Chemistry Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B70F: Hazardous Materials Tech/Spec 1C: Incident Considerations Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B70G: Hazardous Materials Tech/Spec 1D: Tactical Field Operations Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B70H: Hazardous Materials Tech/Spec 1E: Mitigation Techniques Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B70I: Hazardous Materials Tech/Spec 1F: Advanced Field Operations Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B71A: Seasonal Firefighter Basic Training 1 Mapping (PDF)  
FIER B71B: Seasonal Firefighter Basic Training 2 Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B72A: Rescue Systems I Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
FIRE B72D: Swift Water Rescue Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B72F: Auto Extrication Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B72H: Emergency Medical Technician Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B72I: Emergency Medical Technician I Refresher Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B73: Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior S-290 Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B79: Instructor Orientation Mapping (PDF)  
FIRE B85: Special Topics Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)

Food Service and Nutrition

  • Culinary Arts AS  
  • Culinary Arts CA
  • Child Nutrition Management CA
  • Dietetic Services Supervisor Program CA
  • Foodservice Management AS 
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
FDSV B48WE: Occupational Work Experience Educ    
FDSV B50: Introduction to the Foodservice Industry Assessment Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
FDSV B51: Food and Nutrition Orientation Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
FDSV B52: Foodservice Sanitation and Safety  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
FDSV B55A: Food Service Production Theory I  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
FDSV B55B: Food Service Production Theory II  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
FDSV B55C: Food Service Production Lab I  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
FDSV B55D: Food Service Production Lab II  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
FDSV B55E: Advanced Food Service Practicum  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
FDSV B55F: Fundamentals of Baking  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
FDSV B55I: Foof and Nutrition Internship  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
FDSV B59: Food Service Production Management  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
NUTR B10: Elementary Nutrition Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
NUTR B50: Modified Diets Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)


Course Assessment Documents
GEOG B1: Physical Geography  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
GEOG B1L: Physical Geography Lab  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
GEOG B2: Human Geography  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
GEOG B3: Introduction to Weather and Climate  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
GEOG B5: World Regional Geography Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)


  • Geology AST  
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
GEOL B10: Introduction to Geology  Mapping (PDF)  
GEOL B10L: Introduction to Geology Laboratory  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
GEOL B11: Historical Geology  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
GEOL B11L: Historical Geology Laboratory  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
GEOL B21: Topics in Geology  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)

Health Education

Course Assessment Documents
HLED B1: Principles of Health Education  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)

Health Information Technology

Course Assessment Documents
HEIT Placeholder    


  • History AAT  
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
HIST B1: World History from the Origins of Civilizations to 1600  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
HIST B2: History of the World (Since 1650)  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
HIST B4A: European Civilization Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
HIST B4B: European Civilization  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
HIST B15: Civilizations of the Middle East  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
HIST B17A: History of the United States  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
HIST B17B: History of the United States since 1870  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
HIST B18: History of California  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
HIST B20A: African American History of the United States  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
HIST B20B: African American History since 1870  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
HIST B25: Introduction to Women in American History  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
HIST B30A: Early Chicano History Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
HIST B30B: History of Chicanos in the Southwest  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
HIST B33: Latin American History  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
HIST B36: History of Native American Indians  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)

Human Services

  • Human Services AA  
Course Assessment Documents
HMSV B5: Human Services Internship Mapping  Worksheet (Excel)
HMSV B40: Introduction to Human Services Mapping  Worksheet (Excel)

Industrial Automation

Course Assessment Documents
B.S. Industrial Automation Mapping (Excel) Plan
INDA B100: Industrial Design Graphics I    Worksheet (Excel)
INDA B101: Industrial Design Graphics II    
INDA B105: Material Science for the Technician   Worksheet (Excel)
INDA B110: Industrial Automation Networks    
INDA B112: Industrial Automation Measurement    
INDA B114: Industrial Safety Principles and Management    Worksheet (Excel)
INDA B120: Industrial Automation Systems    
INDA B122: Industrial Motion Control    Worksheet (Excel)
INDA B124: Industry Sector Seminar: Applied Automation    Worksheet (Excel)
INDA B130: Industrial Manufacturing Processes    
INDA B132: Project Manaagement and Budgeting    
INDA B134: Industry Sector Seminar: Applied Automation    
INDA B142: Facilities Planning and Operations    
INDA B144: Leadership and Entrepreneurship    
INDA B150: Senior Problem I (Systems Design and Integration)    
INDA B151: Senior Problem II (Systems Design and Integration)    
ENGL B100: Technical Writing    
PSYC B100: Industrial and Organizational Psychology    
PHIL B100: Industry Ethics    

Industrial Drawing

  • Industrial Drawing AA  
  • Industrial Drawing AS  
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
INDR B12: Introduction to Drafting and CAD  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
INDR B20A: Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CAD)  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
INDR B20B; Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CAD)  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
INDR B40: Parametric Modeling Fundamentals  Mapping (PDF)  
INDR B42: Introduction to Solidworks  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
INDR B50: Process Piping  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
INDR B51: Electrical Design Mapping (PDF)  
INDR B52: Civil Drafting and Geographic Information Systems  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)

Industrial Technology

  • Industrial Technology AS   
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
INDT B10: Occupational Readiness    Worksheet (Excel)
INDT B271: Special Problems in Welding   Worksheet (Excel)
INDT B272: Special Problems in Electronics    
INDT B273: Special Problems in Mach Tool Metal Working    
INDT B274: Special Problems in Wood Working    
INDT B275: Special Problems in Automotive Technology    Worksheet (Excel)
TECH B52: Industrial Math and Quality control    


Course Assessment Documents
JAPN B1: Elementary Japanese  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
JAPN B2: Elementary Japanese  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
JAPN B3: Elementary Japanese t Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)


  • Journalism AAT 
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
JRNL B1: Media and Society  Mapping (PDF)  
JRNL B2: Beginning Reporting  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
JRNL B4: Intro to Public Relations    
JRNL B15: Press Photography  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
JRNL B16: Multimedia Reporting  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
JRNL B26: Newspaper Production/Editors  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
JRNL B27A: Newspaper Production/Reporters  Mapping (PDF)  
JRNL B27E: Newspaper Prod/Photographers    


  • Kinesiology AAT 
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
Course Title    

Liberal Arts

  • Program Review AA
Course Assessment Documents
Course Title    


Course Assessment Documents
LIBR B1: Introduction to Library Research  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
LIBR B55: Information Competency  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)

Manufacturing/Machine Technology

  • Manufacturing/Machine Technology AS  
  • Manufacturing Technology CA
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
MFGT B1AB: Machine Tool Processes  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MFGT B2: CNC Lathe Programming & Operation  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MFGT B3: CNC Mill Programming  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)


Course Assessment Documents
MATH B1A: Precalculus I  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
MATH B1B: Precalculus II  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
MATH B2: Basic Functions and Calculus for Business  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
MATH B4A: Mathematics for Elementary School Teaching  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
MATH B6A: Analytic Geometry and Calculus I  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
MATH B6B: Analytic Geometry and Calculus II  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
MATH B6C: Calculus III  Mapping (PDF) Worksheert (Excel)
MATH B6D: Ordinary Differential Equations  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
MATH B6E: Elementary Linera Algebra  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
MATH B21: Special Projects in Mathemathics  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
MATH B22: Elementary Probability and Statistics  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
MATH B23: Finite Mathematics Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
MATH B50: Mod College Arithmetic/Pre-Algebra  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excell)
MATH B60: Beginnign Algebra  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
MATH B65: Intermediate Algebra for Statistics  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
MATH B70: Intermediate Algebra  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)

Medical Science

Course Assessment Documents
MEDS B35: Lifespan Development  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MEDS B52: Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MEDS B60: Nurse Assistant  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MEDS B66: Intravenous Therapy & Blood Withdrawal  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MEDS B68: Certified Home Health Aide  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MEDS B69: Nurse Assistant Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)


  • Music AAT 
  • Commercial Music CA 
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
MUSC B2: Basic Elements of Music  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MUSC B4A: Elementary Theory  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MUSC B4B: Elementary Theory  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MUSC B4C: Intermediate Theory - Contemporary Materials  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MUSC B5A: Class Piano  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MUSC B5B: Class Piano   Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MUSC B6A: Class Voice  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MUSC B6B: Class Vocie  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MUSC B6C: Class Voice Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MUSC B6D: Class Voice  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MUSC B7: Applied Music  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MUSC B9A: Beginning Class Guitar  Mapping (PDF  Worksheet (Excel)
MUSC B9B: Intermediate Class Guitar  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MUSC B10A: Concert Band  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MUSC B12A: College Orchestra  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MUSC B13A: Jazz Ensemble  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MUSC B14A: College Choir  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MUSC B15A: Ear Training and Sight Reading  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MUSC B15B: Ear Training and Sight Reading   Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MUSC B15C: Intermediate Ear Training and Sight Reading  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MUSC B17A: Chamber Singers  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MUSC B18A: Drum Line  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MUSC B21A: History of Music  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MUSC B21B: History of Music  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MUSC B22: Music Appreciation  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MUSC B23: Appreciation of Jazz  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MUSC B24: A Survey of World Music  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MUSC B27: History of Rock and Roll  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MUSC B28: Drum and Bugle Corps  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
MUSC B30: Introduction to Music Technology Mapping (PDF)  
MUSC B31: Commercial Music Composition  Mapping (PDF)  
MUSC B32: Sound Design and Synthesis  Mapping (PDF)  
MUSC B33: Live Sound  Mapping (PDF)  
MUSC B34: Recording Techniques I  Mapping (PDF)  
MUSC B35: Recording Techniques II  Mapping (PDF)  
MUSC B36: Music Business  Mapping (PDF)  
MUSC B37: Commercial Music Ensemble  Mapping (PDF)  
MUSC B54A: College Chorale Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MUSC B54B: College Chorale    Worksheet (Excel)
MUSC B54C: College Chorale    Worksheet (Excel)
MUSC B54D: College Chorale    Worksheet (Excel)
MUSC B230A: Music Laboratory  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MUSC B230B: Music Laboratory  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
MUSC B230C: Music Laboratory  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)

Occupational Safety Risk Management

Course Assessment Documents
OSRM B10: Occupational Safety    
OSRM B12: Occupational Health    
OSRM B16: Managing Employee Safety & Health    
OSRM B18: Occupational Regulations and Regulators    
OSRM B20: Environmental Health & Hazardous Materals    
OSRM B26: Risk Management     


  • Philosophy AAT 
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
PHIL B6A: Introduction to Philosophy Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
PHIL B7: Introduction to Logic  Mapping (PDF)  
PHIL B9: Critical Thinking and Advanced Composition  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
PHIL B10: Introduction to Ethics  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
PHIL B12: Ethics of Living and Dying Mapping (PDF)  
PHIL B18: History of Ancient Philosophy  Mapping (PDF)  
PHIL B37: Introduction to World Religions  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)

Physical Education

Course Assessment Documents
PHED B1A: Educ Planning for College Athletes    
PHED B2SB: Coeducational Team and Individual Activity: Beginning Swimming  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
PHED B3ADP: Adaptive Physical Education  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
PHED B6A: Coeducational Activity: Archery  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
PHED B6BB: Coeducational and Individual Activity: Basketball  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
PHED 6B6BLB: Coeducational and Individual Activity: Beginning Ballet Mapping (PDF)  
PHED B6FCX: Coeducational and Individual Activity: Fitness Center  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
PHED B6G: Coeducational and Individual Activity: Golf  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
PHED B6JD: Coeducational and Individual Activity: Jazz Dance  Mapping (PDF)  
PHED B6SC: Coeducational and Individual Activity: Soccer  Mapping (PDF)  
PHED B6T: Coeducational and Individual Activity: Tennis  Mapping (PDF)  
PHED B6V: Coeducational and Individual Activity: Beginning Volleyball  Mapping (PDF)  
PHED B6WT: Coeducational and Individual Activity: Weight Training  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
PHED B10: Intercollegiate Competition for Men: Football  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
PHED B11: Intercollegiate Competition for Men: Basketball  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
PHED B12: Intercollegiate Competition for Men: Track and Field  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
PHED B13: Intercollegiate Competition for Men Tennis  Mapping (PDF)  
PHED B14: Intercollegiate Competition for Men: Baseball  Mapping (PDF)  
PHED B15 Intercollegieate Competition Cheer  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
PHED B16: Intercollegiate Competition for Men: Golf  Mapping (PDF)  
PHED B17: Intercollegiate Competition for Men: Cross Country  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
PHED B20: Intercollegiate Competition for Men: Wrestling  Mapping (PDF)  
PHED B22: Intercollegiate Competition for Women Tennis  Mapping (PDF)  
PHED B23: Intercollegiate Competition for Women: Soccer Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
PHED B23M Intercollegiate Competition for Men Soccer  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
PHED B24: Intercollegiate Competition for Women: Golf  Mapping (PDF)  
PHED B25: Intercollegiate Competition for Women: Volleyball  Mapping (PDF)  
PHED B25B: Intercollegiate Competition for Women Volleyball  Mapping (PDF)  
PHED B28: Intercollegiate Competition for Women: Basketball  Mapping (PDF)  
PHED B29: Intercollegiate Competition for Women: Softball  Mapping (PDF)  
PHED B32: Shape-up  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
PHED B33: Intercollegiate Competition: Swimming  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
PHED B34WT: Intercollegiate Weight Training  Mapping (PDF)  
PHED B34C: Intercollegiate Conditioning Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Ecel)
PHED B36: First Aid and CPR  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
PHED B39A: Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries  Mapping (PDF)  
PHED B39B: Advanced Athletic Training  Mapping (PDF)  
PHED B41:Recreation Leadership    
PHED B42: Introduction to Kinesiology Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
PHED B50:Intercollegiate Conditioning    
PHED B53: Intercollegiate Weight Trainng    

Physical Science

Course Assessment Documents
PHSC B12: Physical Science  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)


  • Physics AST  
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
PHYS B2A: General Physics - Mechanics and Heat Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
PHYS B2B: General Physics - Sound, Light, Electricity, Magnetism, Modern Physics Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
PHYS B4A: Mechanics and Wave Motion Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
PHYS B4B: Heat, Electricity and Magnetism Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
PHYS B4C: Optics and Modern Physics Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Ecxel)

Political Science

  • Political Science AAT 
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
POLS B1: American Government - National, State and Local  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
POLS B2: Comparative Government Mapping (PDF)  
POLS B3: International Politics Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
POLS B5: Current Issues/Amer Government    
POLS B12: Contemporary Issues in California State and Local Government  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
POLS B16: Vital Political Problems  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)


  • Psychology AAT  
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
PSYC B1A: General Psychology  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
PSYC B1B: Biologoical Psychology  Mapping (PDF)

 Worksheet (Excel)

PSYC B2: Interpersonal and Group Process Skills  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
PSYC B5: Elementary Statistics for the Behavioral and Social Skills  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
PSYC B6: Research Methods for the Behavioral and Social Sciences  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
PSYC B20: Social Psychology Mapping (PDF)  
PSYC B21: Special Projects  Mapping (PDF)  
PSYC B30: Human Sexuality  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
PSYC B33: Psychology of Personal and Social Adjustment  Mapping (PDF)  
PSYC B40: Introduction to Lifespan Psychology  Mapping (PDF)  

Public Health Science

  • Public Health Science AST  
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
PBHS B20: Introduction to Public Health  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
PBHS B21: Personal Health and Wellnes  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
PBHS B22: Drugs Health and Society  Mapping (PDF)  
PBHS B23: Social Justice and Health  Mapping (PDF)  

Radiologic Technology

  • Radiologic Technology AS 
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
RADT B1A: Introduction to Radiologic Sciences  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
RADT B1B: Introduction to Patient Care  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
RADT B2A: Radiographic Anatomy and Positioning 1  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
RADT B2B: Radiographic Anatomy and Positioning 2  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
RADT B2C: Radiographic Anatomy and Positioning 3  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
RADT B3A: Radiographic Principles 1  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
RADT B3B: Radiographic Principles 2  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
RADT B4A: Introduction to Clinical Education  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
RADT B4B: Clinical Education 1  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
RADT B5: Radiation Physics  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
RADT B6: Clinical Education 2 Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
RADT B7: Clinical Education 3  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
RADT B9A: Sectional Anatomy for Medical Imaging Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
RADT B10: Clinical Education 4  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
RADT B11: Radiographic Pathology  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
RADT B12: Radiobiology and Radiation Protection  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
RADT B13: Clinical Education 5  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
RADT B30: Principles of Venipuncture  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)

Registered Nursing

  • Nursing AS 
  • LVN to Nursing AS
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
NURS B20: Fundamentals of Nursing Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
NURS B21: Medical Surgical Nursing 1  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
NURS B22: Pharmacology Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
NURS B23: Medical Surgical Nursing 2  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
NURS B24: Obstetrics - Maternity Nursing Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
NURS B25: Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing   Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
NURS B26: Medical Surgical Nursing 3  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
NURS B27: Pediatric Nursing Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
NURS B28: Medical Surgical Nursing 4 Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
NURS B29: Gerontology - Community Nursing  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
NURS B48WE: Occupational work Experience Education  Mapping (PDF)  
NURS B70: Role Transition: Bridging Nursing Theory to Practice  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
NURS B100: Strategies for Success in a Nursing Program  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
NURS B201A: Learning Lab  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
NURS B201B: Learning Lab Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
NURS B201C: Learning Lab Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
NURS B201D: Learning Lab  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)


  • Sociology AAT 
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
SOCI B1: Introduction to Sociology Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
SOCI B2: Problems of Modern Society Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
SOCI B20: Social Psychology Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
SOCI B21: Special Projects/Sociology Mapping  
SOCI B28: Introduction to Gender Mapping (PDF)  
SOCI B36: Sociology of the Chicano Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
SOCI B45: Minority Relations Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)


  • Spanish AST  
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
SPAN B1: Elementary Spanish I  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
SPAN B2: Elementary Spanish II  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
SPAN B3: Intermediate Spanish I Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
SPAN B4: : Intermediate Spanish II  Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
SPAN B35: Spanish for Heritage Speakers I Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
SPAN B36: Spanish for Heritage Speakers II  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)

Student Development

Course Assessment Documents
STDV B1: Educational Planning  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
STDV B2: Career Decision Making/Planning  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
STDV B3: Career, Life, and Educational Planning  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
STDV B6: Tools for College Success Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)

Theatre Arts

  • Theatre AAT  
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
THEA B1: Introduction to Acting  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
THEA B2A: Elements of Acting Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
THEA B2B: Elements of Acting Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
THEA B12A: Introduction to Shakespeare  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
THEA B14: Introduction to Stage Costume  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (PDF)
THEA B16: Stagecraft Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
THEA B20: Introduction to Theatre Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
THEA B27: Acting Theatre Laboratory  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
THEA B28: Technical Theatre Laboratory Mapping (PDF)  
THEA B31: Introduction to Film Studies Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)
THEA B32: Contemporary Film Studies Mapping (PDF)  Worksheet (Excel)

Vocational Nursing

  • Vocational Nursing CA  
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
VNRS B67: Principles of Pharmacology  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
VNRS B68: Basic Medical Surgical Nursing Practice  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
VNRS B69: Foundations for Vocational Nursing Practice  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
VNRS B69L: Foundations for Vocational Nursing Practice Lab  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
VNRS B79: Intermediate Medical Surgical Nursing Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
VNRS B79L: Intermediate Medical Surgical Nursing Lab  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
VNRS B83: Critical Thinking and leadership for the Vocational Nurse  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
VNRS B84: Maternal/Child Pharmacology  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
VNRS B88: Maternal/Child Nursing  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
VNRS B88L: Maternal/Child Nursing Lab  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
VNRS B89: Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)
VNRS B89L: Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing Lab  Mapping (PDF)  Worksheets (Excel)

Water Technology

Course Assessment Documents
WTRT B51: Basic Water Treatment  Mapping (PDF)  
WTRT B52: Basic Water Distribution  Mapping (PDF)  
WTRT B53: Water and Wastewater Analysis  Mapping (PDF)  


  • Welding AS  
  • Welding CA
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
WELD B1A: Introduction to Oxygen Acetylene Welding and Cutting Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
WELD B1B: Introduction to Welding Processes Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
WELD B53A: Shielded Metal Arc Welding Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
WELD B53B: Shielded Metal Arc Welding Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
WELD B54A: Blueprint Reading for Welders and Machinists Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
WELD B54B: Template Development and Layout for the Welder Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
WELD B55A: Structural Plate Certification I Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
WELD B55B: Structural Plate Certification II Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
WELD B55C: ASME Pipe Certification Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
WELD B55D: ASME Pipe Certification Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
WELD B55E: API and Related Certification Testing Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
WELD B55F: API and Related Certification Testing Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
WELD B65AB: Welded Steel Structures Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
WELD B74A: Intro to GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Weldg) and FCAW (Flux Core Arc Weldg) Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
WELD B74B: Introduction to Gas Tungsten Metal Arc Welding Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
WELD B81: Introduction to Welding and Cutting   Worksheet (Excel)


  • Woodworking and Cabinet AS  
  • Cabinetmaking CA
  • Plan
Course Assessment Documents
WOOD B1: Introduction to Woodworking Technologies Mapping (PDF) Worksheet (Excel)
WOOD B2: Furniture and Cabinetmaking Mapping (PDF)  
WOOD B5: Intermediate Cabinetmaking Mapping (PDF)  
WOOD B65A: Advanced Cabinetmaking Mapping (PDF)  
WOOD B65B: Advanced Cabinetmaking Mapping (PDF)  


Committee History


How are you evaluating your committee's effectiveness in meeting college goals and your committee charge?

  • After each workshop offered by the committee we handed out evaluations to participants. We are also working on a rubric to evaluate the committee work overall.

What did your evaluation reveal?

  • The particpants learned a lot and indicated that they would like to see more workshops offered on course assessments.

How will you use your findings to effect positive change?

  • We will be sure to offer more workshops next year on topics indicated by participants evaluations.


**The rest of the program level plans can be found on the CurricUNET Assessment module.**