Assessment Committee

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About the Committee


The Assessment Committee is a standing governance committee that coordinates all processes related to the assessment of Institutional, Program, and Student Learning Outcomes. The primary purpose of this committee is to help support student learning by ensuring that learning outcome assessment is consistent with the mission of the college, addresses the needs of students and the community, and meets the requirements of law and regulation. As such, the Assessment Committee:

  • Identifies needs of faculty and staff regarding assessment processes and provides needed training
  • Communicates with all committees, organizations, or areas involved in assessment on campus (e.g. Curriculum Committee, Program Review Committee, Academic Senate, etc.)
  • Evaluates proposals for new and/or revised Program Learning Outcomes and/or revised Student Learning Outcomes
  • Assists programs in disaggregation, and analysis of learning outcome achievement for subpopulations of students to identify gaps and implement assessment plans to mitigate those gaps
  • Helps to develops and implement procedures to assure effective means of outcome assessment appropriate to the learning needs of students in each program while adhering to the requirements of law and regulation
  • Ensures a faculty co-chair functions as a member of the Academic Senate Executive Board


The Assessment Committee Charge document was reviewed and approved in Fall 2017.


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Scope of Authority

In order to maintain administrative oversight of the entire range of campus assessment activities, the Assessment Committee meets at least once per month (during the academic year) to set college-wide assessment goals, plan for the Community College Survey of Student Engagement and Noel-Levitz schedules, and assess needs of faculty and staff in regard to assessment training.


Reports To

The Assessment Committee reports to the Vice President of Instruction


Communicates With

The Assessment Committee communicates regularly with faculty through Assessment Committee representatives, Academic Senate, College Council, and the Faculty Chairs and Deans Council.



The Assessment Committee will have one faculty co-chaired and one administrative co-chair.

  • Two administrative representatives
  • Articulation Officer
  • (1 faculty representative from each department and 4 members-at-large); Unrepresented department positions will fall to the department chair
  • 1 Student Government Association Representatives; and one alternate
  • 2 classified representatives





Role Name
Administrative Co-Chair Billie Jo Rice
Faculty Co-Chair Brent Wilson


Role Name
Administrative Rep Stephen Waller
Administrative Rep Maria Wright
Institutional Effectiveness Rep Craig Hayward
Assessment Services Assistant Edie Nelson


Role Name
Articulation Officer VACANT
Adjunct Rep Lori Pesante (Criminal Justice)
Academic Development Teresa McAllister
Agriculture Matt Riley
Allied Health VACANT
Art Darren Ekern
Behavioral Sciences/Criminal Justice Dana Heins-Gelder
Biological Sciences Milena Lilles
Business Management & Information Technology Rudy Menjvar
Communication Helen Acosta
English VACANT
English for Multilingual Students VACANT
Engineering Systems VACANT
Family & Consumer Education VACANT
Fire Technology (Public Safety) Jana Richardson
Foreign Language/American Sign Language Pam Davis
Health & Physical Education Tina Cummings
Industrial Technology VACANT
Library Faith Bradham
Mathematics Isaac Vannasone
Nursing VACANT
Performing Arts Brian Sivesind
Philosophy Tanya Silva
Physical Science Ximena De Silva Tavares
Social Science VACANT
Member-at-Large Karin Young-Gomez (Behavioral Science)
Member-at-Large VACANT
Member-at-Large VACANT
Member-at-Large VACANT


Role Name
Classified Rep VACANT
Classified Rep VACANT


Role Name
Student Government Association Rep Jose Cortez


Learning Outcome Examples

Bakersfield College is committed to assessing learning outcomes. Faculty and staff complete assessments according to a 6-year assessment plan and share and discuss various facets of completing assessment specific to their discipline.

Institutional Learning Outcome (ILO) assessment examples are found on the ILO Assessment Examples page.

Student Learning Outcome (SLO) assessment examples are found on the SLO Assessment Examples page.


Committee Resources

Bakersfield College Assessment Handbook 2017-18

Writing Student Learning Outcomes, Examples & Practice 2017-18

Choosing Correct Assessment Method & Tool 2017-18

Bakersfield College utilizes eLumen for Assessment. Find out more information on the Bakersfield College eLumen Assessment page.


Meeting Times

We meet 2 Fridays per month from 10:30am - noon.

Next Meeting

Assessment Committee Meeting - August 31st, 2018

Last Meeting

Assessment Committee Meeting - April 23rd, 2018 Supporting Documents: