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About the Committee

Goals (2016-17)

  1. Review and prioritize technology requests from the Annual Program Review process and evaluate and assess the new prioritization process.
  2. Develop and implement a strategy for transitioning the remaining faculty to the Canvas platform and completing the migration from Moodle.
  3. Review, evaluate, and summarize themes from both the student and staff annual technology surveys and communicate the information to the campus.
  4. Prepare and approve the 2017-2020 campus Technology Plan.


  1. Recommend campus-wide technology policy and procedures.
  2. Determine and monitor campus software and hardware standards.
  3. Allocate technology resources.
  4. Review all significant technology projects.
  5. Determine and monitor procedures for obtaining technology services.
  6. Establish a system of communication between users, district and campus technology resources, and the Academic Senate.
  7. Assess how well the implementation of new technology resources support institutional goals and improve student success.
  8. Proposed: Assure that technology support meets the needs of learning, teaching, college-wide communications, research, and operational systems.
  9. Proposed: Assure that technology planning is integrated with institutional planning.


Make policy development and implementation recommendations regarding campus-wide technology.




Richard Marquez (faculty)
Todd Coston (admin)


Faculty-Academic Development -> Tim Bohan
Faculty-Agriculture -> Greg Cluff
Faculty-Allied Health -> Ayan Hill
Faculty-Art -> Adel Shafik
Faculty-Behavioral Sciences/Criminal Justice -> Dana Heins-Gelder
Faculty-Biological Sciences -> Scott Peat
Faculty-Business Management & Info Technology -> Richard Miles
Faculty-Communication -> John Giertz
Faculty-Counseling -> Fabiola Johnson
Faculty-English -> Cynthia Hubble
Faculty-EMLS -> Michael Westwood
Faculty-FACE -> Leah Carter
Faculty-Foreign Language/ASL -> Linda McLaughlin
Faculty-Health & PE -> Matt Moon
Faculty-Industrial Technology & Engineering -> Darren Willis
Faculty-Library -> Kirk Russell
Faculty-Mathematics -> Kurt Klopstein
Faculty-Nursing -> Gabriele Martin
Faculty-Performing Arts -> Tim Heasley
Faculty-Philosophy -> Peter LeGrant
Faculty-Physical Science -> Wade Ellis
Faculty-Social Science -> Erin Miller
Faculty-Student Services Faculty -> Sarah Villasenor
Management -> Bill Moseley
Management -> Yadira Guerrero
Management -> Stephanie Baltazar
Management -> Maria Wright
Management -> Tim Capehart
Management -> Michael McClenic
Management -> VACANT
Classified -> Judy Ahl
Classified -> Kristin Rabe
Classified -> Tracy Lovelace
SGA Representative -> Gabriel Fortier
SGA Representative -> Jose Cortez
SGA Representative -> Brittney Lumsden-Ross

Important Links:

A great way to keep up with the many projects being done by the District Office team is to visit their site at

Meeting Times

First Monday of the month during fall and spring semesters, 3:30-5 pm unless 1st Monday is a holiday. We meet in the Collins Conference Center except Sept. is in Lev 40.