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The committee establishes an annual Budget Planning calendar; utilizes instructional and non-instructional program reviews and budget requests in the budget planning process; recommends institutional fiscal priorities within funding parameters; informs the college community of overall budget matters, including the identification of key indicators of the college’s fiscal health; evaluates the fiscal impact of proposed institutional plans and other policy-level actions at the request of the President or CC; identifies patterns of change in the college operating environment that may have a significant impact on college budget planning or fiscal operations; identifies potential areas for analysis of cost savings or effective use of resources; and assists in the development of plans for acquiring additional college resources.


  1. Become knowledgeable and “experts” about the college budget and process.
  2. Update and follow established Budget Planning Process.
  3. Review and update process and procedures to make recommendations on the development of the college budget.
  4. Document and communicate the budget process and yearly timeline to all campus constituency groups.
  5. Communicate information about the current state of the college budget to all campus constituency groups.
  6. Review district and college priorities, including: Governing Board Policies, Chancellor/District Priorities, President’s Goals and Action Plans, College Strategic Plan, Program Reviews
  7. Develop “Standards for Budget Recommendations”.
  8. Review requests and prioritize budget recommendations and submit to the CC.
  9. Maintain an ongoing sharing of information and recommendations with campus representatives on the district budget committee.
  10. To review and make recommendations regarding discretionary allocations for the college, categorical and one-time funds.
  11. Review Accreditation Standards to ensure that the budget development process complies with the ACCJC Accreditation Standard III Section D.
  12. Recommend to the CC issues as they relate to the college budget.
  13. Report regularly to CC on committee proceedings.



Vice President, Finance & Administrative Services (1) co-chair

Vice Presidents (2)

Deans (2)

Director, Enrollment Services (1)

Director, Information Technology (1)

Faculty Representatives (4) (1 co-chair)

Classified Representatives (4)

Student Representative (1)

Secretary (non-voting)

        Total Membership 16



  • Arlitha Williams-Harmon, Vice President, Finance & Administrative Services (co-chair)
  • George South, Vice President
  • Premavera Arvizu, Vice President
  • Kailani Knutson, Dean
  • Joseph Cascio, Dean (Interim)
  • Erin Cruz, Director Enrollment Services
  • Jay Navarette, Director Information Technology
  • Matthew Flummer, Faculty
  • VACANT, Faculty (co-chair)
  • Miguel Ruelas, Faculty
  • Ann Marie Wagstaff, Faculty
  • Jennie Porreco, Classified
  • Vern Butler, Classified
  • Jodie Logan, Classified
  • Annette Nix, Classified
  • ASPC Representative - vacant
  • Annette Nix, Secretary (non-voting)

     Total Membership: 16

Meeting Times

Meetings are to be held on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month during the semesters. The team chairs shall call regular and special meetings.

Last Meeting

Budget Committee Meeting - March 15th, 2019


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