Student Success

This page from the 2012-13 Academic Year is retained for historical purposes only and is not updated. See the Student Success & Equity website for information about BC's current efforts in improving student success.

Improving our students success in achieving their academic goals is our primary focus. There are discussions happening at the college level and state level about what is meant by “student success”, how we measure it (is it just course completion and retention rates?), how we increase our success rates while maintaining high academic standards, how we increase student engagement so that they'll be motivated to succeed, what resources we need to create or improve to increase student success, how to link those resources to the students who need them, and more! The resources on this page include the statewide efforts and the campuswide efforts.

Bakersfield College Student Success portal

We have a new Student Success portal at . It contains video student stories; the student success initiatives taking place in special work groups, projects, and standing committees; student success data; and resources for students.

Statewide Student Success Task Force

Short note from the California Community College chancellor, Jack Scott about the task force’s draft of recommendations that will affect us all (they determine state funding priorities!):

As you know, the California Community College Board of Governor’s Student Success Task Force has been working diligently for the past nine months examining how to improve student success at the community colleges. Attached you will find a set of draft recommendations that will be circulated widely for public input and will be posted on our website ( I invite you to review these recommendations and look forward to having a robust discussion with you in the coming weeks and months. Feel free to forward the draft recommendations to anyone who is interested in the work of the Student Success Task Force.

One recommendation from the Student Success Task Force was to re-work the ARCC data into a Student Success Scorecard. Go to the Student Success Scorecard on the state chancellor's office website and select any college of interest as well as the overall statewide average scorecard from the drop-down menu. The 2013 scorecard for Bakersfield College and our sister colleges in the district is posted in the **Collegewide committees site (also access the scorecard from the link at the start of this sentence).

College Think Tank on Student Engagement

As announced on Opening Day 2012, The Assessment Committee went through the Assessment Plans for each department last year, looking for themes. One stood out: Lack of Student Engagement. The executive summary of the Community College Survey of Student Engagement taken in Spring 2011 corroborates this.

To tackle this issue, the Assessment Committee sponsored Think Tanks for faculty, staff and administrators to discuss and research “Un-engaged Students” with the goal of having an activity or ideas for intervention in the spring. This is a hot topic around the state, with a great deal of research on the issue already.

Community College Survey of Student Engagement

Groups audience: