Strategic Focus

This page from the 2012-13 Academic Year is retained for historical purposes only and is not updated. Bakersfield College's strategic planning efforts is shown on the Strategic Directions website.

The Bakersfield College Strategic Focus is a synthesis of institutional documents that guide the work of the college. The document is a PDF with links to the key documents on websites embedded in the text.

» Updated Bakersfield College Strategic Focus, 2013-2014 (Updated August 21, 2013)

Strategic Goals Discussion There will be training presentations focused on how to use the data in the data strands listed in the Strategic Focus document to inform our implementation of the College's strategic goals. These training presentations are open to campus employees and students. The slides and other materials from those presentations will be posted here.

Collegewide Discussions on Core Values/Strategic Plan College Council will be facilitating collegewide discussions in the next 18 months (beginning Spring 2013 to Spring 2014 end) on three major areas: 1) updates on our strategic plans and determination of what are our core values; 2) "Who are We?"; and 3) reorganization of the college. The first two items need to happen in the March/April timeframe and the third needs to happen in the first part of the fall semester.

Groups audience: