Photo of College Council members for 2018-19

About the Committee

This page holds documents that all committees, employees, etc. should have access to and that apply to all committees, rather than under one particular committee.

Bakersfield College Mission + Vision

Bakersfield College's Mission, Vision, and Values are posted on the main BC website in the About BC section (see the "Mission/Vision/Values" tab).

Bakersfield College Goals 2012-15:

Bakersfield College's Goals are posted on the main BC website in the About BC section (see the "Goals" tab). For Student Success, see the Student Success link on the Committees website.

Student Success

Our Student Success plans (select the link) are located within the Bakersfield College Strategic Planning site. This tab brings it forward to make it more visible.

The Student Success portal is on the main BC website (under the "About BC" tab). There you'll find video student stories; the student success initiatives taking place in special work groups, projects, and standing committees; student success data; and resources for students.



Committee History