Distance Education

About the Committee

The Distance Education (DE) Committee is a sub-committee of the Academic Senate. The DE Committee addresses all matters that affect distance education classes, services, and programs operated by the college, and reports on those matters to the Academic Senate.



  • Full-time Faculty representatives - 2 or more
  • Part-time Faculty representatives - 1 or more 
  • Counselor representative -1
  • Academic Technology/Distance Education Coordinator - 1
  • Student representatives    - 1 (currently vacant)


  • Joy Lawrence (faculty co-chair)
  • Debbie Lou Angeles (admin co-chair)
  • Karen Bishop (full-time faculty representative)
  • Elisa Queenan (full-time faculty representative)
  • Yolanda Vasquez (counselor representative)
  • Denise Jackson (full-time faculty representative)
  • Clara Zimmerman (part-time representative)
  • Michelle Miller-Galaz (non-voting administrative representative)

Meeting Times

Meetings are held on the second Thursday of the Month, from 3:00-4:00 PM. The team chairs shall call regular and special meetings.

Last Meeting

Distance Education Meeting - May 3rd, 2022


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