Grant Oversight Committee

About the Committee

The purpose of the Grant Oversight Sub-Committee, a sub-committee of College Council (CC) is to identify the needs of the college and match those needs to available grants. In addition, the Sub-committee will ensure that the college has the resources available that are necessary to manage grants in the event they are awarded. The sub-committee will scrutinize closely the feasibility of sustaining and/or institutionalizing grant activities. 
The sub-committee is NOT responsible for the writing of grants, which largely occurs through those interested in pursuing one in a certain area. Rather, the sub-committee exists to advise applicants through the process and to provide advice to the College Council regarding potential grant applications.


Administration - 2 

Vice President of Finance & Administrative Services 

Administrator (designated by the President)

Faculty (chosen by Academic Senate President) - 2

Institutional Research - 1

Classified (appointed by CSEA) - 1

Grant Writer (advisory, when available) - 1

Total Membership - 7


The sub-committee will: 

1. Maintain a list of prioritized needs of the college that might be served through seeking grants. This list can be created through brainstorming and the review of existing planning documents, including program reviews, the educational master plan and the college strategic plan, among others.
2. Search, to the extent possible, for available grant opportunities that might serve the identified college needs.
3. Oversee the grant application process, including a review of the research, evaluation, and long-term planning and budgetary implications of any potential grant application.
4. Forward grant applications to CLC for the next step in the approval process.
5. Ensure that all grant applications comply with college and district guidelines.
6. Monitor ongoing grants the college has to ensure that they continue to comply with programmatic requirements and meet ongoing college needs.
7. Maintain a grant website so that potential applicants among the college staff have the information necessary to complete the process successfully.