Curriculum Committee


Richard Goode-Current Chair
James Thompson-Past Chair
Catherine Hodges-LAAR Rep
Bret Davis-PHED Rep
Carmen Martin-Student Service Rep
Cindy Pummill-Math Rep
James Entz-FAAR Rep
Rebecca Baird-SOSC Rep
Teresa Minter Procter-NSCI Rep
Betty McVay-HCCR Rep
Elisa Queenan-CTE Rep
Chris Ebert-Library Advisory
Miles Vega-Articulation Advisory
Erin Cruz-Enrollment Service Advisory
Stephanie Olmedo-DRC Advisory
James Thompson-Dean Advisory
Kailani Knutson-Dean Advisory
Kim Behrens-Assoc Dean Advisory
Sam Aunai-VP Advisory

Meeting Times

The second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 2:30pm in SM-125

Last Meeting

Curriculum Committee Meeting - November 13th, 2018 Supporting Documents: