Strategic Directions

Strategic Directions core team.  Todd Coston, Jessica Wojtysiak, Somaly Boles, Bill Moseley, Aricia Leighton, Grace Commiso, Marcelyn Allen, and Teresa Mcallister

About the Committee

**There is a new BC Committee Website. Please visit the new Strategic Directions page.

In 2012 Bakersfield College adopted a three-year cycle for developing, implementing, and evaluating its goals and strategic plan. Two Strategic Focus documents served as annual updates to the original plan. Now in the third year of the cycle it is time to evaluate the 2015-16—2017-18 work and develop goals and Strategic Directions to shape the work of the College for the next three years.


  • A Strategic Directions 2018-2021 document that discusses the development process, directions, and inititiatves for 2018-2021.
  • Website that includes the primary document as well as all the supporting materials.



Strategic Directions Core Team

  • Lead: Todd Coston, Executive Director, Technology and Planning (Co-Chair, Information Services & Instructional Technology Committee)
  • Jessica Wojtysiak, Faculty, Academic Development (Co-Chair, Accreditation & Institutional Quality Committee)
  • Somaly Boles, Manager, Financial Information
  • Bill Moseley, Dean of Instruction, Academic Technology (Co-Chair, Professional Development Committee and Co-Chair, Accreditation & Institutional Quality Committee)
  • Aricia Leighton, Web Content Editor
  • Grace Commiso, Dean, Student Success & Counseling
  • Marcelyn Allen, Faculty, EMLS and Foreign Language
  • Teresa Mcallister, Faculty, Academic Development (Co-Chair, Budget Committee)