IT Committee

About the Committee


1.        Recommend to the CC, Policies, and Procedures in an Information Technology Plan.

2.        Review and/or recommend all campus-wide technology purchases.


This committee is established to initiate, coordinate, review and recommend campus-wide technology-related policies, procedures, and purchasing plans.


1.        Review and make recommendations regarding technology equipment standards and practices.

2.        Review and make recommendations regarding Mediated Instructions.

3.        Provide a forum to review technology plans.


Meetings will be held monthly during the fall and spring semesters.  Committee members through consensus will determine regularly scheduled meeting days.  The committee chair(s) may call special meetings or postpone regularly scheduled meetings.


A quorum shall consist of a majority of the members including the committee chair.


Agenda items may be proposed by any committee member and compiled by the recorder.


  • Director, IT (Administration): Jay Navarrette (Co-Chair) 
  • Program Manager, Instruction (Administration): Reagen Dozier
  • Faculty-at-Large: Elizabeth Flynn (Co-Chair) - Alternate: Dustin Acres
  • Faculty-at-Large: Elizabeth Buchanan 
  • Reference Librarian (Faculty): Christopher Ebert
  • Distance Education Coordinator (Classified): VACANT
  • Web Coordinator (Classified): Roger Perez
  • Classified-at-Large: Manuel Caceres 
  • Disability Resource Center (DRC) Representative: Fernando Roman
  • Counseling -Stephanie Olmedo 
  • ASPC Representative - VACANT (appointed by ASPC Board Fall Semester): 


              Director, IT (Administration)* 1

              Reference Librarian (Faculty)  1

              Faculty-at-Large (Co-Chair)* 1

              Faculty-at-Large (Faculty)     1

              Reference Librarian (Faculty) 1            

              Distance Education Coordinator (Classified)  1

              Web Coordinator (Classified) 1

              Classified-at-Large (Classified) 1    

              Disability Resource Center (DRC) Representative 1             

              Counseling (Student Services) Representative 1 

              Secretary (Classified)** 1

              ASPC Representative appointed Fall Semester 1

              * Co-Chair 1

              ** Secretary (non-voting) 1

              Total    11

Committee members shall nominate and appoint a faculty co-chair at the beginning of each fall semester.