Enrollment Management Committee

About the Committee

Enrollment Management is a comprehensive process designed to help achieve and maintain optimum enrollment (recruitment, retention, graduation rates). It is an institution wide process that permeates virtually every aspect of the College's function and culture. The Committee's primary charge include: a) ensuring that student access and success are our first priorities b) ensuring that course offerings address the core mission of the California Community Colleges: Basic Skills, Career and Technical Education, Transfer with a focus on articulation with four year institutions. c) Stabilize enrollments (reverse declining enrollment, control growth, and plan for fluctuations) d) Integrating instructional and student services programs e) improving services (shorten response time to students, increase satisfaction, and reduce paperwork) f) Improving access to information (putting our information systems to optimum usage) g) reducing vulnerability to demographic changes h) responding to economic forces (expansion, recession, employment rates) i) evaluating strategies (track what works and change what doesn't work)


VP, Student Services

Primavera Arvizu

VP, Instruction

Thad Russell

Dean (L. Arts, Fine Arts, Math, LRC/JEC)

Michelle Miller

Dean, Instructional Office (CTE, Science, Social Science, Kinesiology)

Osvaldo Del Valle

Institutional Researcher

Mike Carley

Associate Dean, Health Careers/Nursing

Kim Behrens

VP, Finance & Admin Srvs

Maria Battisti

Director, Admissions & Records/Financial Aid

Erin Wingfield

Division Chair, Natural Science

Kendra Haney

Division Chair, Math

Sherie Burgess

Division Chair, Social Science

Karen Bishop

Division Chair, Health/Physical Ed

Vickie Dugan

Division Chair, Career & Technical Ed

Elisa Queenan

Division Chair, Fine & Applied Arts

James Thompson

Division Chair, Health Careers

Elizabeth Keele

Division Chair, Student Learning Services

Stephanie Olmedo-Hinde

Division Chair, Language Arts

Melissa Long

Instructional Office Specialist, Classified Representative


Judy Fallert

Director, Student Services


Assistant Director of Academic Technology & Professional Development

Frank Ramirez


Debbie Lou Angeles


Karen Bishop

Student Representative aspcvp@portervillecollege.edu


Meeting Times

2nd and 4th Mondays, 3:00pm-5:00pm

Last Meeting

Enrollment Management Committee Meeting - October 23rd, 2023