Districtwide Budget Committee

About the Committee

In the summer of 2015, the KCCD Chancellor asked the District Consultation Council to assemble a workgroup to conduct a third evaluation of the District-wide Unrestricted Fund Budget Allocation Model (BAM). The District Budget Committee was established in fall 2017 per the BAM Evaluation III Committee’s (“BEC”) recommendation. Responsibilities include the review of District-wide processes related to budget development to make recommendations to impact long term operations or allocations. The Committee's charge is to:

• Review annual District-wide budget development premises

• Review long-term trends in District-wide fiscal health

The review of the annual District-wide budget development premises necessitated a detail analysis of the California Community College Chancellor’s Office funding CCCCO (Schedule C Allocation to audited financials), KCCD District carryover, and annual allocations. To discuss the trends impacting the long-term District-wide fiscal health, the subcommittee focused on maintaining KCCD’s fiscal stability while ensuring adequate college funding levels. Simply put, the discussion evaluated the process of aligning financial capacity with long-term service objectives. The evaluation process included reviewing all the California community colleges ending fund balance for the last three years for benchmarking purposes. KCCD is consistently ranked as having one of the top five highest ending unrestricted fund balance. 


District Office Members 

  • Mike giacomini, Interim Chief Financial Officer
  • Alexandria Kemp, Business Services Assistant 
  • Abe Ali, Vice Chancellor, Human Services 

Bakersfield College

  • Calvin Yu, Vice President of Financial and Administrative Services
  • Erica Menchaca, Academic Senate President  
  • Steven Holmes, Political Science Professor 
  • Billie Joe Rice, Vice President, Instruction
  • Christopher Glaser, Executive Secretary, College Safety

Porterville College

  • Maria Battitsti, Vice President of Financial and Administrative Services
  • Primavera Arvizu, Vice President, Student Affairs 
  • Thad Russell, Vice President, Instruction
  • Jodie Logan, Administrative Assistant, Information Center
  • Theodore Lyons, Faculty
  • Joel Wiens, Naturals Science Division Professor

Cerro Coso Community College

  • Chad Houck, Vice President of Financial and Administrative Services
  • Mathew Crow, English and Foreign Languages Professor
  • Heather Ostash, Vice President, Student Services
  • Corey Marvin, Vice President, Instruction
  • Kristie Nichols, East Kern Department Assistant ll
  • Alex Gilewski, Chemistry Professor