Professional Development Committee

About the Committee


  1. Facilitate workshops and other professional development opportunities on data, information literacy, student learning, progression, completion, emerging technologies, wellness, diversity, and safety.
  2. Participate in, and contribute to, accreditation mid-term report.
  3. Evaluate Assembly Bill 2558, address any mandates, and plan for future requirements.
  4. Develop a Professional Development Plan including a budget plan.
  5. Improve scholarship offerings and better communicate our scholarship opportunities.



To provide and support activities and opportunities which will enhance job performance, personal growth, and social interaction among all Bakersfield College employees, thereby developing a sense of campus community.


Makes recommendations for staff development activities to the College President, and oversees the expenditures created to fund such activities.


To provide and support activities that enhance job performance and encourage professional growth and collegiality among all members of the campus learning community.

Other Information

This committee communicates with:



Name Email
Todd Coston (Adminstrative Co-Chair)
Judy Ahl (Classified Co-Chair)
John Giertz (Faculty Co-Chair)


  • Diana Cason (faculty)
  • Isabel Castaneda (classified)
  • Laura Lorigo (administrator)
  • Lily Martinez (faculty)
  • Rich McCrow (administrator)
  • Bill Moseley (faculty)
  • Angela Paquette (administrator)
  • Scott Peat (faculty)
  • Shohreh Rahman (faculty)
  • Dena Rhoades (administrator)

Meeting Times

1st Friday of the month, 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 p.m.

Last Meeting

Professional Development Committee Meeting - May 1st, 2015 Supporting Documents: