Guided Pathways Strategies Team

17 members of the Guided Pathways Strategies Team

About the Committee


Guided Pathways Strategies Team will help guide:

  • Students attempting 15 units in the first semester
  • Students completing transfer-level English and math in the first year
  • Students attempting 30 units in the first year
  • Students completing 9 core pathway units in the first year



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Role, Purpose, & Scope
  • Completion Community support, engagement, and coordination
  • Dissemination of information and engagement of faculty and staff campus-wide
  • Support Students through an equity lens
  • Use data to assess effectiveness


Reports To & Communicates With

This team reports to the College President and communicates with members of Bakersfield College campuses and community partners.



The membership of this team is comprised of the following.

Co-chaired by one Administrative Representative and one Faculty Representative

4 Administrators

  • Counseling Director or designee
  • Discipline Lead (LCP Administrative Lead)
  • Affinity Group Lead (Affinity Group Administrative Lead)
  • Financial Aid Director or designee

Faculty Representatives

  • (1) Curriculum co-chair or designee
  • ​(1) Counselor 
  • (9) Pathway Faculty Leads

Ad Hoc members as appropriate

* Note that some members may represent multiple areas.





Role Name
Administrative Rep Christie Howell
Faculty Rep Grace Commiso


Role Name
Counseling Director or designee Marisa Marquez                                           
Discipline Lead Christie Howell*
Affinity Group Lead Ben Perlado
Financial Aid Director or designee Jennifer Achan
(1) Curriculum Faculty Chair or designee (faculty) Vacant
(1) Counselor (faculty) Grace Commiso*

Faculty Leads

Learning and Career Pathway Name
Ag, Nutrition & Culinary Arts Laura Miller                                    
Arts, Humanities & Communication Matthew Maddex
Business Brandon Hall
Education Kimberly Bligh
Health Sciences Konrad Dahl
Industrial Technology & Transportation Rony Recinos
Public Safety Anna Beltran
Social, Behavioral & Human Services Becky Colaw
STEM Travis Steele and James McGarrah


Meeting Times

1st and 3rd Mondays 12-1 PM

Last Meeting


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