Guided Pathways Implementation Team

12 members of the Guided Pathways Implementation Team.

About the Committee


Guided Pathways Implementation Team will help guide:

  • Students attempting 15 units in the first semester
  • Students completing transfer-level English and math in the first year
  • Students attempting 30 units in the first year
  • Students completing 9 core pathway units in the first year



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Role, Purpose, & Scope
  • Completion Community support, engagement, and coordination
  • Dissemination of information and engagement of faculty and staff campus-wide
  • Engage faculty leaders in the development of start-up processes and materials


Reports To & Communicates With

This committee reports to the College President and communicates with the faculty and staff of Bakersfield College.



The membership of this committee is comprised of the following.

3 Administrative Leads

  • Counselor Lead
  • Discipline Lead
  • Affinity Group Lead

Management Representatives pulled from

  • Strong Workforce
  • Institutional Effectiveness
  • Communication Planning
  • Academic Support
  • Outreach

Faculty Representatives

  • Academic Senate
  • Accreditation and Institutional Quality
  • Budget
  • Curriculum
  • ​Counseling

District Representative




Role Name
Dean, Instruction Cornelio Rodriguez
Director, Student Success & Equity Lesley Bonds
Faculty Jennifer Johnson


Role Name
Director, Counseling Marisa Marquez
Counseling Department Chair Victor Diaz
Counselor/Starfish Lead Grace Commiso
Institutional Researcher Amber Hroch
Web Content Editor Aricia Leighton

Faculty Leads

Learning and Career Pathway Name
Ag, Nutrition & Culinary Arts LeAnn Riley
Arts, Humanities & Communication Anna Collins
Business Rudy Menjivar
Education Bill Chapman
Health Sciences Cindy Collier
Industrial Technology & Transportation Andrew Haney
Public Safety Brent Burton
Social, Behavioral & Human Services Christina Howell
STEM James McGarrah