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About the Committee

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Every district must have an equivalency process. Education code §87359 (b) requires that “[t]he process, as well as criteria, and standards by which the governing board reaches its determination regarding faculty members shall be developed and agreed upon jointly by representatives of the governing board and the academic senate, and approved by the governing board.” While neither the Education code nor title 5 Regulations provide additional guidelines for what constitutes at least equivalent, each district’s governing board, acting on the advice of its academic senate, must establish its standard for equivalency, permitted the standard is not less than qualifications specified on the Disciplines list. Once the local equivalency process has reached a recommendation regarding an individual applicant, Education code §87359(a) requires that the governing board include action on the equivalency as part of its subsequent hiring action.

The Equivalency Committee Charge document was reviewed and approved in Spring 2022.


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Scope Of Authority

Ed. Code §87359


Reports To

Academic Senate; Board of Trustees


Communicates With

The college community



Co-Chaired by Vice President of Instruction (or Presidential designee)* /and Faculty Chair;

Membership: At least 5 faculty representatives but no more than 7 with at least one representative from a career and technical area (CTE); prefer no two from same pathway.

Guest: Department chair (or designee) from the discipline under consideration as a voting member for the discipline applicant.

*VP Instruction or designee is nonvoting


Equivalency Committee members access and review documents within the Committee's SharePoint portal. For more information, please contact the committee (see: right panel, Contact Information).



Role Name
Vice President Designee, Dean Anthony Cordova
Faculty Kimberly Bligh


Role Name
Faculty, English Sheena Bhogal
Faculty, Math Tom Greenwood
Faculty, Fire Technology Don Brady
Faculty, Health & Physical Education Pam Kelley
Faculty, Behavioral Sciences Ginger LeBlanc
Faculty, English Cynthia Hubble
Faculty, Business Management and Information Technology  Murad Zikri


Meeting Times

This committee meets at 1-2 PM the 1st Thursday of each month. Meetings are held in person at Center for Student Success Building (CSS) 3A.

Last Meeting

Equivalency Committee Meeting - November 2nd, 2023