Competency Based Education Implementation Team

About the Committee

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The Competency Based Education Implementation team is an ad hoc committee which supports the college mission, values and goals by functioning as a steering committee for CBE development. The committee will establish a process for implementation of a direct assessment competency based education program, coordinate implementation, program development, and monitor progress in accordance with the guidelines for the CCCCO Collaborative.

The CBE Implementation Team Charge document reviewed and approved.

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The Competency Based Education Implementation Committee shall:

  • develop a planning/implementation timeline;
  • communicate progress within the Chancellor’s CBE Collaborate Pilot;
  • solicit input from internal and external stakeholders;
  • oversee project development and implementation;
  • support, engage, and coordinate faculty in the development of start-up processes and materials;
  • disseminate information to faculty and staff campus-wide;
  • coordinate professional development.
Scope of Authority

The committee serves as a recommending body to the Academic Senate and the College President on all matters pertaining to the implementation of competency-based education.


The Competency Based Education Implementation Committee is co-chaired by the Vice President of Instruction or Designated Dean of Instruction and one faculty member. The co-chairs will serve as the campus contacts with the Chancellor’s Office.

The additional membership will include:

  • 2 administrative representatives
  • 1 classified representative
  • 1 Curriculum Committee Faculty Co-Chair (or designee)
  • 1 Assessment Committee Faculty Co-Chair (or designee
  • 1 CCA Union representative
  • 1 faculty member from the designated program of
  • 1 or more faculty members from a department offering General Education courses aligned with the selected program of study
  • 1 Counseling Department Faculty Chair (or designee)
  • 1 Student Affairs Leadership Team (SALT) representative
  • 1 Student Government Association (SGA) Representative



Role Name
Administrative Chair Mindy Wilmot
Faculty Chair Anna Melby



Assessment Committee Representative Faith Bradham
Classifed Representative Kimberly Arbolante
Counseling Representative Fabiola Johnson
Curriculum Committee Representative Michelle Hart/Scott Dameron
Faculty Union Representative Ann Tatum
Faculty Member at Large Erica Menchaca
Student Affairs Leadership Team (SALT) Representative Marisa Marquez
Administrative Representative Michelle Pena
Administrative Representative Pamela Rivers


Spring 2023: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 1:00 pm via Zoom

Committee History

Last Meeting

Competency Based Education Implementation Team Meeting - May 2nd, 2023