Scholarship Committee

11 members of scholarship committee

About the Committee

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The Bakersfield College Scholarship Committee (BCSC) is responsible for overseeing the review and selection of recipients for approximately 220 annual scholarships assigned by the BC Foundation and its donors. The BCSC is committed to the timely and fair selection of recipients eligible for scholarships that fall under their purview. The BCSC works in collaboration with the BC Financial Aid Office and BC Foundation to promote the awareness of the scholarship program and provide input in the planning of the annual Honors Celebration.

The Scholarship Committee Charge document was reviewed and approved on November 2, 2018.


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Scope of Authority

SC membership is responsible for the annual review of scholarship applications, the promotion of scholarships in general, and contributing to the planning of the annual honor celebration.


Reports To

BC Office of Financial Aid (via Director of Financial Aid and Scholarship Manager) and the BC Foundation (via Foundation representative), and Academic Senate.


Communicates With

Academic Senate, College Council, Vice President of Student Affairs



Chairs: Financial Aid Director, 1 Faculty

1. Foundation Director, BC Scholarship Manager
2. 15 Faculty Representatives at minimum, with one from the Delano Campus
3. 1 Classified Representative





Role Name
Administrative Co-Chair Jennifer Achan
Faculty Co-Chair Laurel Mourtzanos

Foundation & Financial Aid

Role Name
Foundation Executive Director Cheryl Scott (or designee)
Financial Aid Interim Scholarship Manager Jenae Ortega


Role Name
Counseling Antonio Alfaro
English Savannah Andrasian
Social Science Richard Bolar
Nursing Shae Flores
Physical Science Wade Ellis
Behavioral Science Eleonora Hicks
Counseling - Early College Josie Guillen
Biology Melissa Berube
Physical Science Timothy Plett
Mathematics Gurpreet Grewal
Social Science Jamal Wright
Kinesiology Jason Ament
Physical Science Anna Plett
Physical Science Brent Wilson
Agriculture Julie Beechinor
BMIT Kathryn Wright
English Laura Peet
Performing Arts Scott Dirkse
Biology Tatevik Broutian
Mathematics Thomas Rush
Art Joseph Tipay
English Alicia Skipper
Physical Science Priyanka Longacre


Role Name
Committee Member TBD


Meeting Times

Twice per academic year (Fall and Spring)

Last Meeting

Scholarship Committee Meeting - January 30th, 2023