President's Cabinet

Group photo of President's Cabinet

About the Committee


Members of the President's Cabinet serve at the discretion of the President, and provide the President a forum for vetting decisions prior to implementation.


Make recommendations and provide feedback to the College President.



Sonya Christian:



Jennifer Achan:
Paul Beckworth
Lesley Bonds:
Don Chrusciel:
Cindy Collier:
Grace Commiso:
Todd Coston:
Zav Dadabhoy:
Nicky Damania:
Tom Gelder:
Nan Gomez-Heitzeberg:
Abel Guzman:
Craig Hayward:
Rich McCrow:
Bill Moseley:
Emmanuel Mourtzanos:
Mary Jo Pasek:
Michelle Pena:
Bill Potter:
Dena Rhoades:
Cornelio Rodriguez:
Mary E. Rozell:
Jennifer Marden Serratt:
Sandi Taylor:
Andrea Thorson:
Sue Vaughn:
Stephen Waller:
Steve Watkin:
Maria Wright: