Bookstore Advisory Committee

About the Committee

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The Bakersfield College Bookstore Advisory Committee (BAC) is a shared governance committee that supports the college mission, goals and values through a comprehensive evaluation for providing access to instructional materials, including but not limited to, the bookstore’s contract:

  • Hours of operation
  • Pricing policies
  • Refund policies and procedures
  • Textbook ordering
  • The availability of trade and supply items


The Bookstore Advisory Committee charter document was reviewed and approved in Fall 2018.


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Scope of Authority

The committee serves as a recommending body to the Academic Senate and the College President on all matters pertaining to the bookstore services.


Tasks, Goals, & Objectives
  • Promote the adoption of strategies to improve bookstore access to instructional material(s) for all students Serve as a conduit for the exchange of information and ideas between the College communities and the bookstore contractor on matters pertaining to bookstore services
  • Review pricing, refund and buy-back policies and procedures
  • Review the timeliness of textbook orders
  • Work with the various constituent groups in proactive ways to ensure issues which affect satisfaction, quality, and service orientation are addressed
  • Monitor and track that any financial obligations to students are met, such as the student scholarship fund
  • Ensure bookstore access and compliance for all current and future campus-wide programs and initiatives, such as Inmate Education, Rural Initiative, Dual Enrollment, Concurrent Enrollment, and Early College
  • Help inform faculty, staff and administrators of matters related to accessibility compliance and academic freedom
  • Serve as an investigative body regarding problem and complaints from faculty, students, administrators or the bookstore contactor regarding operational processes effecting access to instructional material.
  • Create annual report related to contractual expectations, problems, and complaints.
  • Compile recommendations, commendations, and trends.


Communicates With

President, College Council, Academic Senate, FCDC, KCCD Business Services, Barnes & Noble Bookstore at Bakersfield College


  • Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services
  • Director of DSPS
  • 1 Dean-level Administrative Co-Chair
  • 1 faculty co-chair appointed by the Academic Senate
  • 3 faculty members appointed by the Academic Senate, excluding co-chair
  • 1 classified staff representatives appointed by the CSEA
  • 2 Student Government Association representatives
  • Representative from College Bookstore Contractor (Ex-Officio)
  • Representative from Delano Center
  • Rural Initiative Director or Dean




Role Name
Administrative Co-Chair Andrea Thorson
Faculty Co-Chair Michael McNellis


Role Name
Vice President
Finance & Administrative Services
Mike Giacomini
Disabled Students Programs & Services
Rural Initiatives
Abel Guzman


Role Name
Faculty Melissa Ysais (Family & Consumer Education)
Faculty Michael Harvath (Social Science)
Faculty Fabiola Butcher (Communication)
Faculty Melissa Ysais (Child Development)


Role Name
Classified Representative VACANT


Role Name
Student Representative Perla Villegas
Student Representative VACANT


Role Name
College Bookstore Representative (Ex-Officio) VACANT
Delano Center Representative VACANT