Career and Technical Education Council (CTEC)

CTE Council

About the Committee


  • Advocates for Bakersfield College’s Career and Technical Education programs using transparent processes to promote the development, expansion, and improvement of Career and Technical Education programs on campus.
  • Shares best practices related to program development in career and technical education areas through state, district, departmental, and advisory board updates.
  • Ensures that programs are in alignment with industry standards and statewide pathways providing opportunities for students to develop desirable employee skills. 
  • Fosters collaboration for 2+2+2 partnerships with high schools and four-year universities. 
  • Ensures that allocation of Perkins IV funds meet appropriate uses and maximizes utilization and levering of resources for departmental projects.


  • CTEC membership is responsible for completion of the VTEA plan, assessment of Core Indicator Reports, CTE curriculum review and CTE Program Review (as part of the College Annual Program Review process)
  • Responsible for ensuring that CTE Programs meet Core Indicator negotiated level
  • Makes recommendations to VP of Academic Affairs regarding utilization of VTEA funds

Other Information

The committee communicates with:

  • Dean of CTE
  • Deans of Instruction
  • VP Academic Affairs



Any other CTE Faculty is welcome to join our council

  • Alfaro, Antonio
  • Baltazar, Stephanie
  • Baron, Sarah
  • Capehart, Tim
  • Carter, Leah
  • Castro, Dinorah
  • Cluff, Gregory
  • Collier, Cindy
  • Dixon, Jason
  • Durst, Suzanne
  • Edwards, Daniel
  • Gard, Carla
  • Gerhold, John
  • Gomez, Pamela
  • Hernandez, Rozanne
  • Hill, Ayan
  • Jackson, Jol
  • Johnson, Dan
  • Johnson, Jennifer
  • Jones, Catherine
  • Kelly, Bill
  • Kennedy, Debbie
  • Krausse, Lynn
  • McCraw, Chris
  • Mourtzanos, Emmanuel
  • Ono, Lindsay
  • Ottum, Josh
  • Pena, Max
  • Perkins, Nancy
  • Posey, Vic
  • Ralls, Josh
  • Rivera-Dominguez, Dominica
  • Rodriguez, Cornelio
  • Rozell, Liz
  • Staller, Mark
  • Stallworth, Kris
  • Towns, Bernadette
  • Whitney, Phil



  • VTEA 2017-2018 PLAN  DUE BY DECEMBER 9, 2016


Meeting Times

Every other Wednesday, 3:30-5:30 pm

Last Meeting

Career and Technical Education Council (CTEC) Meeting - April 19th, 2017


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