Campus Health and Wellness Advisory

About the Committee


The mission of Student Health and Wellness Services at Bakersfield College is to further the health equity of the educational opportunity. This is accomplished by providing access to high value, student centered and culturally competent health services. Services which promote the physical, emotional and spiritual wellness of its students and their academic environment. This wellness contributes to the educational aim of our college by promoting student persistence and academic success in congruence with the college’s mission, core values and strategic directions.


The advisory collects and analyses unique and peer-reviewed information on both individual mental and physical health as well as the health of the built, open space, social and academic environments of Bakersfield College. This process ultimately advises and recommends to the college initiatives which operationalize the Core Value of Wellness and the mandate of the college Strategic Direction 5.6.

Serves to “Ensure the health & wellness college value is integrated into campus activities and meetings.”


We believe health and wellness to be integral and foundational elements, and we understand that a holistic education improves all aspects of the individual and the society including the mind, body, and spirit; through education, we will positively impact the health of the natural environment and the global community.


Director Student Health & Wellness Services: Raymond Purcell, MN, NP

Campus Nurse: Debra Strong, RN

Allied Health (Nursing Representative)

Allied Health (Public Health)

Classified Representative

Faculty Representative

Community Representative

Administrative Support: Stella Ponce

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