Academic Senate Executive Board

Academic Senate E-Board

About the Committee

The Executive Board is a consultation body for the Academic Senate President:


Constitution & Bylaws, Bylaws Section 2

Duties of the Executive Board:

  1. The Executive Board shall provide advice and counsel to the Academic Senate President.
  2. The Executive Board shall assist the President in developing the agenda for the regular meetings of the Senate.
  3. The Exectuive Board shall assist the President in filling vacancies in offices and shall serve as the Nominations Committee.
  4. The Executive Board shall assist the President in preparing the annual budget of the Senate.


The primary authority of the Executive Board is in determining and shaping agenda items for the Academic Senate. In addition, the E-board interviews and selects faculty co-chairs of major committees and appoints, through the Senate President, faculty to committees and other senate related assignments during the summer when the full senate does not meet.


Communicates With

  • Academic Senate
  • Facutly at-Large
  • BC Administration
  • Chancellor
  • Board of Trustees


Title Name Email Ext.
President Steven Holmes 4289
Vice-President Andrea Thorson" 4216
Secretary Wesley Sims 4583
Treasurer Charles Kim 2017
(2 year term ends Sp. 2015)
Janet Fulks 4381
Member at Large Lisa Harding 4389
Administrative Secretary Tracy Hall 4300
Accreditation (AIQ) Co-Chair
(Term expires 05/15)
Kate Pluta 4531
Curriculum Committee Co-Chair
(Term expires 5/16)
Billie Jo Rice 4936
John Carpenter 4294
Equal Opportunity & Diversity Advisory Committee Co-Chair
(Term expires 5/15)
Bryan Hirayama 4611
Information Systems & Instructional Technology (ISIT) Co-Chair
(Term expires 5/16)
Richard Marquez 4217
Program Review Committee Co-Chair
(Term expires 5/15)
Kate Pluta 4531
Staff Development Coordinating Council (SDCC) Co-Chair
(Term expires 5/15)
John Giertz 4544


Committee History

Academic Senate EBoard 2015-16

2015-16 Academic Senate Executive Board

Meeting Times

Beginning August 28, 2013: alternating Wednesdays, 3:30-5:00p.m.


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